How to keep your toilet paper roll clean and dry when tent camping: And how I tote toilet paper in my back as well

Last month I posted the tip about packing seasonings for camp cooking. (Pack seasonings and spices in empty Tic-Tac containers)  There are many other small things I do that I guess are 'hints and helps' but they are just things I do without thinking to share as a 'hint' or hack - but I hate that word (hack) because it's waaaay overused on the internet lately.  Along with 'viral', as in; "This one great hack goes viral after being shared on the internet!"  Yahoo does this DAILY and.... OMG just shut-up. Shut-up now.

But now... on to another hint/help about keeping your toilet paper clean and dry.

During the road trip this time, 85% of the trip will be spent without bathroom facilities.  There will be vault toilets nearby (if you don't know what that is, it's a wood or plastic structure with a bench or toilet in it that is simply a hole going straight down into the yuck and muck.  Like an old fashioned out-house.)  Yes it smells.  Yes you can see straight down into the muck and everything that entails.  Most of the time they at least put a container of hand sanitizer on the wall, but not always.  Other times there may be enough water access at the site that they have a small sink for washing but not for flush-toilets.

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way.  The point to this rambling little post is that we have a portable toilet, a privacy tent and toilet paper with us on this trip.  And I have a very quick and easy way to keep the toilet paper clean and dry, and in a 'roll' shape.

If you are back-packing into your site, this is too big and bulky for your pack. (I remove the cardboard roll in the center and smash it flat, then stick it into a heavy duty ziplock baggy for in my pack.)  But if you are car-tent camping or boon-docking; tuck this idea away in your head.  

It's simple a tall (100 count style) spindle that holds CD's or DVD's.  I already owned this from a bulk pack of DVD's however you can buy them cheap.  I just checked for this post and found them on Amazon.

EMPTY CD DVD Blu-ray Disc CAKE BOX Spindle -100 Disc Capacity

That's it.  That's all there is to it.  A full, new roll of toilet paper fits right into it perfectly and keeps your TP clean and dry, and in a roll.  Much better than a wet, soggy, dirty roll of toilet paper that fell on the ground.