My last minute orders from Amazon for our Girls Road Trip 2018 - cutlery, another mess, coffee and Mountain House Foods

The living room is full of... stuff.

I've found it easiest for me to pack for any trips by laying out everything and then picking and choosing what I want/need before putting the rest back.  To me this is much easier and organized than making a list and then digging through bags, bins and backpacks to find the items I want.

This weekend I raided our backpacks that I have ready to go at all times. In doing so though, I realized my favorite mess-kit ever is solo.  I've bought two because I love them so much but I gave the other one to my son when I made up a camping/backpack gift for him.

I decided to order a second mess kit but also decided to order two more sets of my favorite cutlery.  This way I can leave the two sets we have in our ready-to-go camp backpacks.  Having extra is a no-brainer, it's just never been a priority to me because my husband (Mr. Coffee) doesn't like camping, hiking or backpacking.

Here are the last minute items I ordered this weekend (including a case of one of our two 'top' Mountain House foods).  (These are affiliate links to the actual products I ordered from Amazon.)

      Polycarbonate/Copolymer Cutlery, 3 Piece

   Liberty Mountain Cutlery, 4-Piece

Olicamp Mess Kit

     Mountain House Chicken Breast with Rib Meat & Mashed Potatoes

Melitta Coffee Pods, Sumatra Blend, 3.95-Ounce (Pack of 6)

*The reason I have two different cutlery sets is because I already own one of both and I like them both but I don't want or need extra 'serving' or 'stirring' spoons - the large, round ones.  I'm not crazy about the orange color but at the time, this is the color option Amazon had in stock.  I like the 4-pc set for the large round stirring & serving spoon.  I really love the 3 pc. set for durability and comfort in my hand and how the spoon feels when using it.  It's not too big or bulky like some camp spoons are for females.

The Olicamp mess kit is my all time favorite and beats out the thin aluminum ones by leaps and bounds.  This is my favorite hands down and the only one I use now.  The cup is plastic because if you are drinking hot coffee or liquids, the metal would heat up too hot to touch.  That is why it's plastic - although I don't use this cup for hot liquids, I use my favorite Stanley brand cups for that! 

And the Mountain House Chicken breasts and mashed potatoes are absolutely wonderful.  Tender and good - especially after a day of hiking.  Our top two foods are this one and their Biscuits and Gravy - which we like so much I ordered 2 cases this year as we tend to choose them for dinner as well, not just breakfast.