Rambling over Coffee: I really MUST get serious about the packing for the Girls Road Trip 2018

Tomorrow starts a brand new week and also is a good starting point for me to get my head in the game and start to truly plan our Girls Road Trip 2018.

I did a bit of planning a couple months ago - enough to plan out a couple destinations, map the route, order or buy a few things I knew we'd need this time; and then got busy getting the required reservations made for the places that required them. 

This also takes care of a concern of mine;  I don't really care what goes on during the day - what plans might change - where we go - what we do.  But I like to know where I'm going to sleep that night.  That's all I did though; the reservations and some ordering of things I knew we'd need.  As they arrived or as I bought them I threw them into a plastic bin and put them into the garage.  I was far too busy to worry about for the time being.

I never did invest in a cell reception booster; only because of the cost.  However, I did get a second cell phone a couple months ago to 'test' as our family has Sprint - which is the worst (worst worst worst) for reception.  Sprint doesn't even work at our house much less on the road and last year during our trek across South Dakota, my daughter and I often had little or no reception on our phones.  I now have two phones - the lousy Sprint (which we'll be dropping once the last family members 'contract' is up in a couple months) and I have Verizon, which gets 100% better coverage than Sprint, even if it's not perfect.  The cell booster would be nice but at $199-499 it just isn't going to happen.

I also didn't invest in a power source.  Ugh. That topic. I researched this for months.  I researched, read, took notes, watched informative videos, took more notes, read more...  so much my brain would hurt.  And in the end, I never did make up my mind, or find the 'excess' funds to invest in some sort of set up.  (I have a solar panel that works with Goal Zero products so I considered the Goal Zero Yeti 400 power pack or the larger one - as I can recharge them using solar power; no electricity needed. But OUCH on the price.  Also considered deep cycle marine battery set up but recharging is a problem with no electricity in most of the places we'll be at.  And... blah blah blah.  Pros and cons that never did work in any one favor - coupled with budget, weight, space and what I already had to work with. 

So tomorrow I need to start lugging up some bins from the garage.
Go through the camping gear we have and decide what we need on this trip.
Not even thinking about clothing, shoes, etc.  That will come later.  First I need to start with the basics; which tent, which packs. Mess kits and emergency kits. Tarps and cots. Sleeping bags and air pillows. Duct tape and tools. Food options, menus and the ever important coffee options.

No electricity, ground fires or water in some of the destinations this time.

I checked the temperatures and we will be down to the 20's at night and up to 80's during the day.  In other words; freezing our butts off at night and sweating during the day hikes.

Apparently there are a lot of road issues and construction in the area as well - I just glanced at that today.  Tomorrow I'll be printing off the newest road closures and detours.  Oh joy!

....  this post rather disjointed and all over the place.  Eh.  It's just the coffee talking again.