Reuseable Coffee Filter Systems and Filters - how do they work?

I have read that the man who invented the little plastic k-cups regrets he ever did because they became such a huge hit and unfortunately all those little plastic cups are filling up our landfills.  For that reason there is guilt for many every time they use one... or two... or five.

I've posted about this in the past a couple of times because it does bother me to fill the landfills but also, frankly, I hate to give Keurig that much of my money and wanted other options.  Because of that, over the past 10 years I've used and bought many, many different types, brands and kinds of eco-brew filters and cups.  I still have the original tall gray My k-cup that sold back in 2005-2007-ish although I have no idea if it's even still available.  I also have the permanent filter kind with a built in filter, the kind you have to use paper filters with, etc.

Whether you opt to use the Fill N Save, Solofill, EZ-Cup, My K-Cup, EkoBrew, Generic Dolphin k cups, etc.  they are all rather similar.  

One of the issues with the built-in permanent filters is that you almost always end up with some residue or even grounds on the bottom of your cup.  Even if you use a permanent filter style cup, you might want to invest in the paper filters not only to keep sediment, residue and grounds out of your mug but it makes clean up so much easier!  

Just lift and toss the biodegradable filters full of used grounds instead of dumping, knocking the filter cup on the side of the trash trying to get the grounds out, smacking the backside with your palm and finally, swirling your finger around the inside of the cup before going to the sink and rinsing the darn thing out.

You get to use your own favorite beans or ground coffee this way too. The paper filters are easy to use and a breeze to clean up. Simply insert filter, fill with coffee and brew! When you're finished, remove it from the machine, open it and toss it. 

Now there is one important thing to note when it comes to 'universal' filters and cups - they are not universal.  Nope.  There are generally two sizes on the market.  The taller version and shorter cup version.  Note the SHORT VERSION in the top photo of the Java Jig and Melitta coffee filters and then note the taller version in photos below.  There is also a third cup version with a little lip on the top that goes under the closing hinge on the cup;

 Now that you might think it's too confusing... it's not.

They all pretty much do the same darn thing and if you happen to buy the 'tall' version for a short cup, you can either cut the top to make them shorter or fold it down.  The Java Jig and Melitta filters are usually sold right next to each other in your local grocery store or Walmart so it's easy to buy the right style for that particular cup.  But seriously, it's not rocket science.  If you have short cup, look for the short looking filters - the tall cups (which are harder to find now because almost all the reuseable cups selling today are shorter) just get the taller filters.  But remember; you can usually make them work even if you buy the wrong kind.

Now that I've explained how they work;  Do you like them?
I'm nothing but honest so here you go.


I've bought all the different brands and styles but I have yet to find one that I like well enough to use full time.  Why?  Because I'm picking about the taste of my coffee and I have yet to brew a cup in a reuseable filter that is as hot, strong and delicious as (horrible, terrible for the environment) k-cup.  True.  

Now, for the average coffee drinker (including two of my college kids, my parents, most of my guests) it's COMPLETELY FINE.  It's only me and one of my three brothers that complain we just can't get a 'good' cup of coffee no matter the grounds or beans we choose to use.  He actually is all in love with his aeropress right now anyway - and isn't using an icoffee or Keurig anyhow.

You can probably find filters and or cups at your local retail stores (I've bought mine at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Publix Grocery store and on Amazon.

If you can't find any locally or you just prefer to order from Amazon, here are some links to get you started in finding the kind you like best:

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