Utilitech 2 pack Headlamps - (Girls Road Trip 2018)

My husband knew my daughter and I were going to get some LED headlamps for our road trip at some point, as not only will it come in handy walking around camp at night in pitch dark while leaving our hands free but mostly I wanted them for a cave we are going to be exploring.  It isn't a cave that is 'run' by anyone and you can visit on your own but there is no electricity, lighting, or any comforts.  In the research I did, it was highly suggested to have a headlamp to leave your hands free to catch yourself if you should stumble on the rocky paths.

The Husband surprised me one day by bringing home a 2-pack headlamp set he picked up at Lowes for me.  I ended up really loving them.

It's a 2 pack that comes with 6 batteries already included and the options for the LED lighting are solid white, red, green, and flashing red.  Love the red and green options so I won't lose my night vision when it's turned off.  It has the strap around the head as well as the 3rd strap to go across the top for a comfortable yet secure fit.  The lights both worked immediately out of the package (after you remove the little white battery tab) and the lights are bright on all settings.

Although the lamp doesn't pivot to the sides, it does tip forward and back so you can adjust the lighting based on your needs; whether you need to straight ahead, or tipped down towards your walking path, or whatever you are working on.

Here is the link to the 2 pk of Utilitech headlamps we bought at Lowe's for about 12 bucks.  (https://www.lowes.com/pd/Utilitech-30-Lumen-LED-Headlamp/1000197595)

Bulb Type LED
Brightness (Lumens) 30
Length (Inches) 2.9
Housing Material Plastic
Color/Finish Family Red
Manufacturer Color/Finish Red/Black
Warranty 1-year
Package Quantity 2
Battery Included                   Yes
Battery Size                           AAA
Number of Batteries             3

Comes "ready to go" with batteries installed

Blinking, bright white, red or green.... all options

Red light option (great for not losing your night vision when you turn it off and need to see quickly)

Green light option

Comes as a 2-pack as well as finding them individually