20 photos of our favorite camping spot in the Arizona desert... Girls Road Trip 2018

Although our original plan was spending 3 days at Chiricahua National Monument area, hiking and camping - the fire evacuation ended up being a blessing in disguise.  It made us implement a 'plan b' which we never imagined we would need.   Instead, we found ourselves absolutely loving our time spent camping in the desert.

We are solitary people and don't enjoy being packed in with other people like sardines so a traditional 'campground' was never, ever in the plans.  Not plan A, B, C, D or even plan W.  Instead we found the beauty and quiet of just us and the desert.  Not another human in sight....  and it was fabulous.

We were fully self-sufficient, which erases most all concerns or stress.

We follow the 'pack it in and pack it out' way of thinking as well so after our time spent camping, when we left, other than some tire and footprints in the sand, you would never know we were there.  Just like it should be.

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