Busy getting the camping foods organized and packed this week....

This week in preparation for the Girls Road Trip 2018 I got our foods organized and packed.  A whole post on that is coming soon but I didn't want It's Just the Coffee Talking readers to think I'd abandoned camping-talk this week.  I've just been so busy that I don't have time to talk about it.

Hoping to carve out some time today to post on the food choices for this years Girls Road Trip - what, why and how I pack it. I'm so behind on all the posts I thought I'd have up by now.  You know how life is...   but here is a teaser of what's coming. 

You might also be interested in researching food sealerslike my Weston.  I don't think this one is available/sold any more but Amazon has a lot of others you can search to find one that fits your needs and budget.