Littlest Pet Shop characters pretty much just look like fish eggs or frog eggs now.

https://littlestpetshop.hasbro.com/en-us/pet-tracker?type=collection&value=frosting_frenzyToday someone mentioned Littlest Pet Shop toys and I hadn't thought about them in years.  But, considering my kids are all pretty much grown now, that's not a surprise.  But Littlest Pet Shop toys that I remember were super cute.  Adorable even.  Little animals with cute little faces and eyes that were big enough to be captivating yet not so big they looked... abnormal or anything.

Just cute.

So for the heck of it, I went online to see if they were even still being made.

THEY aren't.
But they are.

Being made that is.

But they are NOT the cute little faces of yore (how old does something have to be to be 'yore'?)  In the 1990's they were cute.  Even in the early 2000's cute.  Today?  Not so cute.


As a matter of fact, when I saw the newest versions, the heads of all the animals are too round and the eyes are way, way too big.  Freaky, ugly big.  And some of them are so... off that the first thing I thought of when I saw it was an early embryo.  Or a fish egg. Or frog eggs.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Frog_eggs.jpg  Credit - Geoff Gallice from Gainesville, FL, USA
Geoff Gallice from Gainesville, FL, USA

In my google search of random frog eggs I saw this and yep... that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the ugly little Littlest Pet Shop critter today.


Oh look... there it is.  Right in the middle of the frog eggs!   :)


I'm super happy I don't have any Littles right now; because these are just not coming into my house.  Not when I can go to the store and buy cute little realistic animals for them to play with.