Girls Road Trip 2018 - Camping Across Arizona - Random photos of the Grand Canyon

One of the things that surprised me about the Grand Canyon was it isn't all just dry rock.  Most of the photos you see of the park are grand, fabulous pictures of the various rock formations and color variations, etc. so in my head, I assumed it was all dry rock and canyon.  But it isn't!  There are many parts that have shrubs or a bit of greenery trying desperately to survive.

I also never tired of looking out at the canyon, no matter which area or outlook we were at.  Luckily my daughter felt the same and we could walk apart from each other, find a rock or a place void of too many small rocks, and we could perch ourselves there and just stare off into the canyon without feeling as though the other was waiting patiently (or impatiently!) for us.  We both just found relaxation and enjoyment in the gazing.

I'm going to move on to the next part of our trip but I thought I'd post a few random shots of the canyon first... just because I like looking at them.  Perhaps some of my readers will too.

This last photo...  I wish I had taken a picture from a different angle so you could see it only has a very small ledge around the left and back (front?) side of it.  Not as wide as the right side that shows in the picture.  The reason I wish you could see the small ledge is because when we arrived, there were two teenage boys sitting on the front edge of the rock (see the tippy top front edge in front of the small shrubs?) and they were eating lunch while sitting on the ledge with their feet hanging over.

As a Mom of three, I wanted to march right out there and tell them to get their butts down from there!  But of course all I could was shake my head.  My daughter and I both knew they were enjoying the attention they were getting.  Teen boys like to look cool and do things like that for attention (yes, I raised a teen boy!  Ha) but I was pretty sure I was going to watch one of them die.  When they finished their sandwiches and kicking their legs as if they hadn't a care in the world, they walked to the back side of the rock and slid over the edge and jumped down.

Yeah, my daughter and I (and pretty much every one else who was on the rocks that day and saw them) were sure we were going to watch two stupid teenage boys die.  Obviously they didn't.  But my stomach lurched watching them jump over that edge and come oh so close to the bottom ledge - which was nary wide enough to contain them had they not landed firmly on two feet.  Had one lost their balance or slipped?  It's a long, long, long... long, long way down.

You might also be interested in these books, available through Amazon;  One of them, "Death in Grand Canyon" is one I plan to order myself.  It was for sale in a couple of the Grand Canyon area gift shops and I almost bought it but it was $25 and I knew I could get it cheaper elsewhere.  Amazon has it cheaper so it is on my 'list' as soon as the budget allows.  There are also related books featuring Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion National Park too (and others but I only listed the 4 here).

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