Girls Road Trip 2018 - Camping and Hiking Across Arizona (Desert View Watch Tower, Tusayan Museum & Ruins, Arizona Trail)

While we called the historic cabin 'home' for a couple days, we took advantage of the many outlooks, museums and trails in the immediate area.  I may have already mentioned some of these in a previous post but some of the places we visited over those two days were the Tusayan Museum and Ruins, Desert View Watch Tower, the trailhead for the Arizona Trail - which also is a lookout if you choose to climb the forest ranger firewater tower (which really wasn't worth it in the end; there wasn't much to see outside of the tops of trees and didn't have much of a view comparatively speaking.)

The Tusayan Ruins were interesting and the museum, although small, was well done.  Very informative and interesting!

While looking at the ruins, you can imagine what they looked like when they were originally built and still in use.

 The crazy thing about the photos at Desert View are that I managed to get so many pictures where it looks like we are the only people there.  What?!  Awesome... but so not true.  It was so incredibly busy and there were people everywhere - you even had to wait your turn just to get upstairs, etc.  But the photos we captured look like we almost have the place to ourselves. 

Some of the views from Desert View are just incredible as you can see the river so clearly from that height and angle.

Heading up to higher levels in the Desert View Tower....

The Arizona trail was fairly busy when we were there (in mid May and in the middle of the week)  I can only imagine it gets really busy on weekends in the summer.  We didn't walk this trail but we did visit the fire lookout tower also located there.

Although I am not a fan of heights, I climbed it and found it really secure feeling as there are rails on both sides of the stairs and quite safe.  You can't go into the building at the top though; you can only climb the stairs.  And honestly, I was expecting the view to be great but eh... it really wasn't.   Just the tops of trees for pretty much as far as you can see.  Since the Grand Canyon is across the highway to your left and has incredible views...   it just doesn't stand a chance at impressing.  But then again, that's not what it was made for! 

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