Girls Road Trip 2018: Grand Canyon Continued..... Hermit's Rest


We loved Bright Angel Trail but originally our first stop was supposed to be all the way out to the West end - to Hermit's Rest. That was the one spot I really wanted to get to on our visit, so after Bright Angel Trail, we focused on Hermit's Rest.

"Hermits Rest is a structure built in 1914 at the western end of Hermit Road at the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States.  The location was named for Louis Boucher. Around 1891, Boucher - a Canadian-born prospector - staked claims below present-day Hermits Rest. With help, Boucher carved the aforementioned trail into the canyon, and for years lived alone at nearby Dripping Springs. The main structure currently standing at Hermits Rest was designed by architect Mary Colter.  It was built as a rest area for tourists on coaches operated by the Fred Harvey Company on the way to the now-vanished Hermit Camp. The building was designed to appear to be a natural stone formation, closely tied to the land." 

Hermit's Rest is busy... busy... busy.  Packed with people.  We ventured past the crowds milling about outside the building, resting in the shade and buying food from the concessions there.  I was interested in the building and the history.

The rock wall and fireplace was just beautiful - the ceiling of the structure was amazing to study.  Although people were mostly in a huge hurry to run through it, cross it off their list as visited and almost no one was really studying the beauty of it.  Perhaps it was mostly just another building to stop in to get out of the heat or sun, check out the gift shop and move on.

As I stood reading some of the information and looking at photos, people pushed past me to rush into the gift shop, look around and rush back out.  Here is a photo of me (the odd ball) actually looking at the photos and reading history and stories... ha ha.

The gift shop at Hermit's Rest carries pretty much what everyone else does.    I did find a coffee mug that I liked ($14.99)  that said I'd rather be hiking...  I bought that and a long sleeve t-shirt ($34.99).  So their prices were a bit higher than some of the other places, but mostly right on par with the majority.

When you are in the building, right behind the front check-out counter, note the stuffed crow on the wall.  Because the building is historic, you cannot change anything, repair anything or even decorate in any way that wasn't authentic.  In order to get that one bird up on the wall for decor, they had to scour through historic photos and find pictures that there was in fact, at one time, a stuffed crow on the wall in that place.  Only then could they get permission to add it to the building in present day.

We visited more sites throughout the Grand Canyon and then headed back to camp so we could grab our things and get over to the shower house.


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