Girls Road Trip 2018 - the next couple days; Moran Point, Lipan Point, Yaki Point

On the way to check into our cabin rental, we stopped at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.  Honestly we thought it would be a little... more (?) than what it was.  For the amount of people visiting, we expected a little more.  It was fine, but compared to say... the visitor center at Mt. Rushmore?  No comparison.  We ended up leaving the Grand Canyon visitor center area surrounding area pretty quickly after viewing a few things and buying a couple gifts in the shop.  Honestly, the gift shop offerings were terrible; we couldn't find anything for most of the people we wanted to purchase for.  Very few items for sale comparatively speaking.  The little ranger hats, t-shirt and vest for The Littles could have been bought anywhere and the little stuffed tree stump with little animals poking out of it, also could have been bought literally anywhere.  The t-shirts for sale were few and well... we didn't buy any even though we had 5 different people we were 'looking' to buy t-shirts or 'something' for.  (*We did find great choices elsewhere - including the gift center down the highway at Desert View and we also found great things at Hermit's Rest and the Market inside the Grand Canyon.  Just not their official visitors center.)

Grand Canyon Visitor Center
Hub for park information, bike rentals, coffee, exhibits & historical artifacts, plus a gift shop.
S Entrance Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023

I find anything to do with history fascinating... and I also love when people do things like this;

A minor left his box of supplies for prospector's coming after him, with a note telling them to use anything they might need from it, but to please not destroy anything.

This display of how the rock formations were formed was interesting, but easily missed as it's just on the side of the display, facing the back of the gift shop.

While I go for history, my daughter goes for plants.  Any kinds.  She loved the various cacti, shrubs, flowers and trees found on this trip. 

Using the cabin as our home base for the next couple days we hit all the area 'outlooks' - Moran Point, Lipon Point, etc. 

You would think you would get tired of looking out at the Grand Canyon over the course of a number of days, but you know, we never did.

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