Random Photos of our Grand Canyon Trip - Hance Rapids, the Shuttle in the Grand Canyon, Many Views....

Over the past month I've posted about our Girls Road Trip 2018 - Camping and hiking across Arizona and then hiking in Arkansas.  There are many times I wanted to photo a certain photo I had in mind but at the time, looking through allllll the photos, I couldn't find it, didn't see it, didn't have time to keep looking, or got side tracked and uploaded other photos.... etc.

This morning I have no theme for a post as I'm done featuring the trip - so I just just randomly went back and chose photos to post.  I know when I was looking online for ideas and information about the area in my planning, I loved seeing blogs with random photos.  I got a feeling for the area and what to expect.

That's what this is I guess.  I'm sipping hot, strong coffee and just choosing some random photos of the Grand Canyon area of our trip that I don't think got featured in other posts yet.

Remember that solitary little rustic cabin in the woods we were staying at during the last couple days?  Right before our turn off to get to the cabin, we saw this warning sign on the road... well that was unexpected!

From the Grand Canyon's Website:  https://www.nps.gov/grca/learn/nature/mammals.htm
Mountain lions are the largest predators found in the Grand Canyon. There are 18 native South American, 25 native North American, and 40 English names for this species, and the most common are puma, cougar, panther, and catamount. Humans in Grand Canyon have no reason to fear mountain lions because they do not see humans as prey. For mountain lions, being hit by cars is a common cause of death. Please use caution when driving, especially on East Rim Drive.

 This is a 'Where's Waldo' of sorts - but easy if you look. 

Love this view from the Desert View Tower because you can see the river so well!  The colors are just amazing as well; so beautiful.

In many areas the tourists just stuck to the main 'focus' in that area - and at most of the outlooks they would arrive, look, take a few photos and leave.  We went off the beaten path at most of them and did a little bit of hiking - so even though the area is quite busy with tons of people around; many of our pictures just show us as we always liked to do some walking in the areas - not just arrive, snap and leave.

This is the early part of the Blue Angel Trail in the populated area of the park... 

One of the gift shops outside of the main park;  I believe this one might have been near Desert View.  It featured a lot of local artists and was a smaller scale than the commercial items available inside the main park.

My daughter is all about rocks and flowers so we were constantly on the look out for the different flora and fauna in the area....

I mentioned the shuttle buses in the park previously; they like to use the buses to cut down on traffic and vehicles in the park as the park was never made to accommodate the number of visitors it receives today.  The buses run on colored lines; just pay attention and use your maps and they are easy to follow.

Pack mules get the right of way of course!  Move close to the rock walls on the trails to let them by....

Hance Rapids - we would have loved to have done a few more excursions while were there but our schedule didn't allow it.  But at one of the lookouts you get a great shot of the rapids (although from this distance of 3.8 miles away, the water looks calm doesn't it?).

There is a sign at the lookout explaining the power of the rapids. 

It's one of the Grand Canyon's most hazardous rapids, as the Colorado River falls the height of a three-story building. 

My coffee is gone - it's time to fill up my cup!   Thanks for stopping by Coffee Talking!

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