It's just the coffee talking......... the classic Gong Show

It's been many years since I've thought about the Gong Show.  Apparently there is a 'new' version on TV but since I stopped watching television around 1998 or 1999 (?) I don't know... and don't care.  I'm chatting about the old classic Gong Show tonight!

So I was reading the news online and I have no idea why but suddenly the classic 1970's version came to mind and yes, of course I found it on Youtube so I started to watch a few.  Actually this is the first one I started watching; https://youtu.be/4U1v8g-XYjU

And you know what I loved best?  Whomever recorded and uploaded it, left the commercials in!  YAY!  Because watching old commercials brought back SO MANY MEMORIES!  I was really, really little when this was on, but as I heard the Blue Bonnet jingle, the 18 hour girdle ad, etc. I just found myself smiling.  Oh the memories were flooding back!

Second thought;  I suddenly remembered that my siblings and I used to watch the Gong Show and we would make our own scoring cards!  Again, I forgot ALL ABOUT THAT.  We used to take scrap paper and lay the squares in front of us and would score the acts along with the celebrity judges.

Oh the memories....

It's Just the Coffee Talking again.....