Bosses of Jobs Past.... because "old bosses" sounded like all my bosses were old, not that they were my 'old' bosses - get it?

It's afternoon, I need a break and I've got a full 16 oz. of iced, strong coffee in me.
Time to ramble over coffee, right?

And this is what came to mind while I was making my iced coffee...  a story one of my old bosses told me.

My previous job was at a private non-profit that all the hoity toity people liked to be involved in/with.  Our board of directors held some pretty big names and our donors were even bigger names.  We had just hired a brand new Executive Director and he was relocating from out of state.  His wife and kids were back in his home state and he had just arrived in our city.  He was staying in the guest house of a major name in the city, while he was starting the house hunting process.  He had been at the office a day or two when he shared this story with me about the night before.

Some big name board directors had been courting our new director to buy a home in their 'neck of the woods'.  There were a couple on the market so my new boss was going to take advantage of quietly looking on his own before he got involved with a real estate agent.  The night before, he had hopped in his vehicle and spent about an hour slowly driving around a few of the big name neighborhoods with classic, old money homes.  As he finished up, he was on the edge of the classic neighborhood where, if you venture just a few more blocks, you start to find yourself in the downtown of the city.  As he sat in his vehicle outside one of the grand homes, a young woman approached his car and leaned down towards the passenger window.  He put the window down and she asked if she could get a ride from him; just a short ways, but she needed to go to a certain address.

Now, my boss was a very friendly person, but he was also a new guy in town and was completely caught off guard and startled by this person showing up at his door.  He didn't take time to 'think' about it, he just said, "Oh of course!"  and she got in.  She told him where to go and he took her. As he started to drive, he finally started to think straight, and when he had turned to her to make conversation and ask where she needed to go, he saw how she was dressed.  Ummm.... yeah.

 It was only AFTER he started to drive away he just realized how that might have looked to anyone who might have been watching.....  as it was pretty obvious what she was doing walking back and forth on that block.  And he honestly didn't think about that, as he was so busy preoccupied looking at homes and maps.

He said he immediately launched into a conversation about his wife and kids... and got her to where she needed to go as fast as he could.  Luckily it was only a few blocks!

He said he could just imagine if he had been arrested for solicitation!

"NEW DIRECTOR IN TOWN ARRESTED FOR SOLICITATION..."  would be the local headline.....

There's really not much of a reason to 'remember' this story except I did... and it made me smile to remember.  I've got a lot of 'old boss' stories.  Perhaps that will end up being coffee talk tomorrow too.