Mother harassed by a neighbor and DCFS for letting her 8 year old WALK THE FAMILY DOG.... make this crap stop!!!

A mother in Illinois said she felt “shock, anger and fear” after being investigated by state child services when a neighbor called authorities to report her 8-year-old daughter walking the family dog around the block alone.

The caller also stated that he or she had called the police in the past to report the girl playing in a parking lot, Calderon said.

“The call should have never gotten as far as it was. The initial call was for an unattended 5-year-old, and once they knew I didn't even have a 5-year-old, it should have stopped there,” Widen said. “I don't think it should have made it past the hotline that a little girl walking her dog needs to be investigated.”

Widen said her daughter was expecting a friend to come over for a playdate after taking the family's Maltese pup, Marshmallow, for a walk around the block in their Wilmette neighborhood, the Chicago Tribune reported. Instead, it was police who came knocking at the door.

Police did not press charges, but that wasn't enough to satisfy the anonymous caller, who decided to call DCFS after the officers left, Widen told CBS Chicago affiliate WBBM.


My thoughts:  (There are a LOT of them...) but the top two are;

1) Anonymous calls should be ILLEGAL.  If you have a 'concern' and you feel you need to make a call, they absolutely should NOT be allowed to be anonymous which in most states, they are.  There has been a huge influx of calls that are not only unfounded, but are "retaliation" calls against people simply because the caller (be it an angry neighbor, employee, ex-friend, ex-spouse, etc.) know they can put in 'anonymous' calls to harass and disrupt the parent and or family.

2) MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  LET PARENTS PARENT THEIR KIDS.  They don't belong to the public, they don't 'belong to the government.  Parents need to be allowed to parent their children.  "Helicopter" parenting is being FORCED upon families because nosy, dramatic, problem neighbors and strangers are calling authorities for kids simply playing outside in their own yards if the Mom/Dad aren't literally standing 5 feet away.  They're being called to investigate families for letting their kids play outside in a nice summer rain and jump in puddles.  Called for letting their kids walk the dog, walk down the block to a friends house, not wearing clothing the CALLER thinks should be appropriate for the weather, etc.

The list goes on.  (Just do some searching on the internet for innocent parents and families harassed, put through hell and even losing their children for BOGUS calls...)  It's becoming an epidemic.

Unfortunately, people today are so judgemental and irritatingly smug.

 ... it's just the coffee talking again.