Old Bosses.... (part 3) Wicked Witch

One of my previous jobs I held a position that although there were only 2 of us and my coworker got to be called the "Director" and I held the title "Assistant Director" - we both ultimately answered to a Board of Directors. 

Each year the Board of the Directors would elect a new President and that would be our 'boss' for that year. One year no one wanted to be President except one woman who thought very highly of herself even though no one thought highly of her. At all.

And although her real 'job' in life was just a hotel manager, she was trying to climb the social ladder and weaseled her way onto the Board of Directors at this particular non-profit.  When the new year rolled around and she got to wear the invisible crown that made her "President" she wore it loud and proud.  She was like a proud little peacock, strutting and pecking at everyone 'under' her.

She was the kind of woman who hated other women, and always tried to be cutting and mean to them in front of men, in order to win favor with them.  She rarely (ever?) had anything good to say about anyone, and loved to take any good idea, good work, good project or good... anything and cut it into a million shards of ripped up hopes and dreams.  No one wanted to work with her on events, projects or well, anything.  Most of the other members of the Board just ignored her or avoided her. 

She loved to find fault with people and call them out loudly and clearly in front of others.  She loved to fire people too!  Oh how she LOVED to cut down her employees at the hotel and fire them in front of other people!  She wanted to be the center of attention and always sided up to people during any drama she was causing, trying to bend their ear her way, explaining herself and her position in the hullabaloo and why she was right.

I recall her pointing out a fault of mine once; I don't remember what it was now, but I do remember her pointing it out and I remember my response.  I looked at her, smiled and said, "Well... I'm not perfect.  Yet. But I'm working on it."  and I winked, and walked away.

I used to dread seeing her walk into our office.  Oh good gracious, what in the world did she want to harp on now?  And it was always something... even when it was nothing, she had to have something.

The first month under her 'reign' was difficult.  I found myself letting her 'get' to me even though I tried hard not to.  I'm a really easy going, laid back person, but I would find myself upset and close to tears of anger or frustration some times after she made up fake reasons to redo huge projects, or changed something 90 degrees on a whim she had. 

Finally one day, I went online and found an image of Glinda - the Good Witch of the South, and printed it off on the office printer with this quote under it.... 

You have no power here. Now begone!

I pinned this up right next to my computer so any time she was in my office and trying hard to be as mean and nasty as she could, I would look at it, and read the quote and say it over and over in my head until she would finally just leave.

One day, as she came around to my chair, looked over my shoulder to see what I was working on, she noticed it.  She pointed and gave me a condescending smirk;  "Oh. Cute."  she said, and then turned away and chuckled.

She had no idea it was there because of HER.    (And I chuckled).

By the way.  She was soon fired from her job as manager of the hotel.  She finished out the last couple months of her "presidency" and I think she was off the board soon following.  I have no idea what happened to her after that.