Old Bosses.... part 4 (He didn't come to the wedding after all!)

One of my first real, legit jobs (not counting my stint as a car-hop at the drive-in restaurant) was an employee at a store similar to a Walmart or Target; but on a small town store scale.  As an employee there you did stocking, resets, cashiering, etc.  Pretty much everything that needed to be done.

I worked at this store for just over 2 years; and I got along pretty well with my manager.  Well, I thought I did.  Sometimes, even when you've worked with someone for 2 years and joked, talked, laughed and hung out with them at work for a couple years, you still don't know what they truly are thinking or feeling.

The only reason I was quitting my job there was because I was getting married and moving away.  I was leaving on a positive note and only because of my relocation.

In a small town, when the store closes at 9:pm, it's often pretty quiet between 7-9 pm.  During this time my manager would often hang out in 'front' with me or at the register and we'd talk and joke around while we worked on straightening shelves, or I'd be doing the book resets (every week I had to change out the best sellers list and rip off the covers and toss the books so they couldn't be resold, etc.).

At some point, my manager (who I considered a 'work friend' by this point) had mentioned coming to my wedding a couple different times; and had made comments about what to get me and my fiance'.  Another conversation showed me he had already bought our gift and we discussed the time of the wedding, our plans for leaving that evening for the city where we would be flying out at 6:am the next morning for the honeymoon, etc.  

During one of the quiet times when we were talking during our shifts, he brought up how he hated all the brides that returned gifts to our store after their weddings.  All the 'crap' he had to take back.

As I was getting married in just a couple weeks myself, and moving 2000 miles across the country, I didn't give much thought to what I was saying or who I was saying it to when I commented something that amounted to, "Yeah, the weekend after my wedding I'll be having to return a lot of things as well...."

And he got angry.

His head whipped around and looked at me.  He scowled, and his mouth clenched tight.  His pasty white, scab covered bald head turned deep red as he flushed, apparently in anger.

He shook his head in disgust at me.

That's when I realized; I just said I'd be returning things after MY wedding.  Just what he HATED.

I tried to backtrack and explain myself to him;  We were moving 2000 miles away, without a moving truck.  The only things we could bring with us was what fit into the truck.  And more than anything else, we really needed money to get started.  Easy to 'move' with us across the country and we could buy what we needed once we got settled into our new apartment.  We literally had nothing to our names as we were just newly graduated and living at home.  We were starting from ground zero with nothing at all.

He mumbled something and we didn't talk about it after that.

And the day of the wedding came... and went.  And he wasn't there.

He didn't come. He didn't give whatever the gift was he had told me he intended to give. Not so much as a card.  I went on the honeymoon and returned home in time to pack up and prepare to make the 2000 mile drive to my new home. 

I've never, ever heard from him again.

I guess perhaps we weren't 'work friends' after all. 

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