Old Bosses.... praying and shattered windows

Coffee Talking Again....

One of my previous bosses liked to think of herself as a very religious lady. She was very strong in her 'charismatic' church that wasn't any specific religion, just "Christian". 

We didn't have much in common and I feel as though she didn't even really like me all that much, so I'm not sure why she shared all the personal stories with me that she did.  One of which was a memory tied to the fact that her mother tried to abort her - but it was a failed abortion and obviously, she lived; she was now my boss after all.

This memory had to do a ladies prayer meeting.  She and her church lady friends were meeting at one of their homes.  This woman had a large home with a gigantic picture window at the top of a flight of stairs, on the landing before you went up a second flight of stairs.  Apparently it was huge, and gorgeous and was a focal point of the whole room and staircase.

The women had met that day to pray for the adult child of one of the ladies in the group.  Her child (was it a daughter or son?  I don't remember anymore...) but they were gay.  Living a very 'gay' lifestyle she said, and the mother was heartbroken so she asked my bosses charismatic church ladies to meet and pray, pray, pray about it.

My boss told me they prayed their hearts out!  She said the prayers got stronger and stronger and they were feeling the spirit with them, when after about 30 minutes, all of a sudden the window on the stair landing exploded.  It shattered into a million pieces.

They never did have an explanation as to how or why the window shattered, but she always believed it was due to the power of their prayers.


This same boss (who always had 'biting' and mean spirited words for/to me.... ) also told me when I announced my pregnancy to her, that she "never would have hired me" if she had known I would be getting pregnant and starting a family.

Yes... well, thank you for that awesomely positive 'congratulations' on our being pregnant with our first child.