That overly sweet voice you use when you are talking to a stranger on the phone....

Tonight as I was making dinner I had just got the pan into the oven when the phone rang.
It was our "tax guys" which is what I call the CPA's office that have do our taxes.  They had never billed us for this years tax preparation and finally sent the invoice in July - which I immediately wrote out a check and sent it in.

And then they never cashed it.

Their office lady (because again; that's what I call her even though I'm sure she calls herself the Office Manager) called to apologize and explain to me she just found my check - squashed (my word, not hers) in her drawer and she is sooo sorry that it hasn't been cashed and I was probably wondering why!  (I was.)  She wanted to call to let me know and that she would be depositing it next week and she just wanted me to know.

I was very sweet, very 'thank you soooo much calling' and whatnot.  The voice and words and laughter you use when talking to someone who is apologizing to you and you want them to know it really isn't a big deal, and you are fiiiiine with it.  Really.

"Thank you SOOOO much for calling!"  

And then we hung up.

Now, during this time my husband was doing the trash (you know, getting it ready to take to the curb) and he had been listening to me of course since we were the only two in the kitchen.

"Was I super sticky sweet?"  I asked him with a laugh at the exact same time he was saying "Well, that was a stranger!"

Because we all remember our childhoods when our Moms would be yelling at us for some such thing and the phone would ring and suddenly, right in the middle of her tirade, she turned from her angry voice to that voice - you know the one - the sticky sweet one and answered, "Hellllloo?"  with a smile.  

And I was using my 'that was a stranger' on the phone voice.  Ha.

....  and what the heck, I'll add the last part of that conversation too!

After The Husband exclaimed while laughing "Well, that was a stranger!"  he followed up with "You sure don't say that to me!"
"Well honey, you give me sex tonight and I'll say whatever you want me to say!"

It's just the coffee talking again...