Yeah we went on a road trip. Yeah it was good! So... how are you?

While my daughter and I were on our Girls Road Trip 2018 camping and hiking across the state of Arizona and making a stop in Arkansas for another hike, I had so many stories and thoughts I wanted to make sure to write about on the blog.  I imagined a few posts and chuckled to myself over some of the stories I was to share, and thought about the crazy 'hiccups' in our plans that sent us scrambling to find a plan B... or C or D.  (Raging fire closing down and evacuating the national monument we were supposed to hike and camp at for 3 days?  Shut-down of local office holding our magic pass code to unlock the historic cabin we were supposed to stay in for 2 days (due to lack of staffing due to lack of funding)).  We had some scares, some sleepless nights, two nights when I was alert with my 9 mm in hand trying to figure out a couple odd situations.  We had hilarious and also irritating reviews of some of the food items I had packed and planned out a huge, awesome post on that.

But by the time we made it home, exhausted (yet so excited about the awesome trip we had!) I was ready to unpack and throw things wherever I could for 'now' to organize 'later' and wanted to just...  be.  I found instead of being full of stories and details and explanations... instead of wanting to pour over photos and share every little detail of the stories behind them, I just didn't.

I found the trip, stories, details and explanations just too much.  Too overwhelming - because, where to be begin!?

This happens with most of my trips!  And not just me.  My daughter as well.  We found ourselves smiling and nodding and answering friends and family with 'short' answers because the thought of having to delve into details was just too much.  And some of the stories that were so incredible, funny, frustrating, scary, irritating or hilarious at the time, didn't seem like that big of a deal once we were home.

Hey!  You're home!  How was your trip?
It was good!  Yeah, we had a great time.  It was beautiful.  So, how are you!?