Dear Corporations, please just sell your goods and keep your personal politics and beliefs out of business.

Pondering over coffee this morning: Years ago I started to see little blurbs in my favorite product magazines that a portion of every sale would benefit the "___ insert whatever organization here ___"  and I thought to myself;  "What if I don't want to support that organization?"

And I started to see it on posters in certain stores, in their ads and on their news releases; "Proud sponsor of 'blah blah blah'" and "Proceeds to support the 'our favorite charity foundation'" and again I often found myself thinking "I've researched their organization and I don't want any of my money to support them"  or "Instead of donating a million dollars of sales to that corporation or organization, just give me a better price on my goods and let ME decide who I want to donate to..."

And it became a thing.
A selling point.
And then it started to get even worse because they started to drag politics and hot-button social  issues into it.

And before I knew it we are living in a time when it's somehow ok for a company to push their own personal beliefs down my throat by holding their products for ransom;  if I like(d) their product and I want to buy it, then I'm supporting issues, ideas, people, and politics that I do not like. I do not support. I absolutely do not believe in.

And that sucks.

Because I just want to buy some baking spices I've always liked. A pair of shoes.  A pair of jeans. I looked forward to seeing a movie with what used to be an actor/actress I liked but now I can't see their face on the advertisements without seeing their ugly, hate filled, often misinformed rants and raves they've posted on Twitter, or spouted in nasty and ugly interviews.

As a regular, typical worker, I can't go into my work place with a big cross necklace around my neck, hold a prayer before staff meetings, put up bumper stickers, political signs and campaign ads all over my office, bring up my own political and social beliefs in all my conversations with clients and guests or make donations to my personal favorite charities or organizations on checks written from my company funds....

As a matter of fact, my boss tried something similar one Christmas.  He had a friend who ran a specific organization that helped certain families at Christmas time.  He announced during an all-employee staff meeting that we as an organization would be supporting this particular charity that year and that everyone was asked to donate and we would present them with a check that was officially from our organization.

That didn't go over well.  And rightly so.

After the meeting, the emails between staff started flying.
People had their OWN charities and organizations they donated to.
Staff members already had families they had 'adopted' through other charity drives.
Some had large families of their own and didn't have funds to contribute.
Others were just angry that he took an organization/belief that he personally supported and forcing us to support it in name and/or funds when in fact, it wasn't one we were choosing to give to ourselves.

And I don't want the businesses I buy products from to do it either.

Keep personal politics out of your business.  If you support something, or someone, on your own personal time with your own person money, go for it.  But if you are a corporation, please just sell your goods and keep your personal politics out of business. 

... it's just the coffee talking again.