Just rambling over coffee: In the news this morning - Burying a Gun outside a Courthouse

I haven't been 'rambling over coffee' when it comes to the news lately because, frankly it just takes too much time to cut and paste and copy parts here, linking to the source and then typing out the thoughts and comments made while reading it.

And by the time I do all that I think "Who cares?" anyway and delete. 

But... honestly I'm procrastinating letting the dogs in right now after going potty because their feet are muddy and it's going to be a pain to wipe them down and get them cleaned off so one more cup of coffee is in order.

Now, these are not the most interesting news stories I read this morning.  And I'm not EVEN going to get into anything remotely political, because dude, I'm totally ignoring all that crap right now.  Sometimes you just have to step away to gain back some positivity in life.  So....

The first story.....

Suspected burglar caught burying gun outside Georgia courthouse 

A suspected burglar trying to hide his gun from police dug a hole – for himself.

Sheldon Oliver, 23, was taken into custody by police in Georgia last week after surveillance footage captured him burying a loaded gun outside the Forsyth County courthouse, where he was set to appear as a suspect in a prowling case.

“In today’s world, you can’t take anything for granted,” Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman told FOX5 Atlanta. “Was it something innocuous? Could it have been an explosive device? Was it something else?”

Video footage obtained by the station shows Oliver pulling out a Louis Vuitton bag with the gun inside and then crouching down and burying it in the gravel outside the building.

He then walked through the metal detectors inside and was promptly arrested by police, who had a warrant out for him following an armed burglary at a local Islamic center, FOX5 Atlanta reported.

Oliver was charged with burglary, reckless conduct and carrying a weapon without a license and, as of Tuesday, was being held at the Forsyth County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

When I read this I was thinking I knew exactly 'why' he did it.  Because he was carrying.
And he was walking into a federal building.
He realized he can't bring it in with him... and had an 'oh crap' moment.
So he buried it in the gravel so he could go do his business and then get it on his way back out.

And the reason I thought that is purely based on personal experience!  Ha.  But in a COMPLETELY different context.

So, a few years ago two of our kids' passports were expiring and my husband needed a passport.  Our kids were all teenagers by this time - I'm thinking they were probably about 18, 17 and 14.  Getting their busy schedules to coincide with my husbands and mine to get to the courthouse to do the paperwork and photos needed was a chore.  We finally were able to get the photos but then we had to try to find a time between school, sports, part time jobs, lessons, and work schedules for my husband and I.  One day we realized that due to some last minute changes, we could do it - so at the last second we got our 17 and 14 year olds and told them to hurry and get into the vehicle; we had to get to the courthouse (in the next town) before it closed.

We arrived, found parking (2 blocks away) and rushed to get up to the courthouse.  It was February, in the midwest and there was of course, snow on the ground.

Just as we were approaching the doors  I read the posted signs about the obvious 'no guns' etc. inside the building but they also listed knives, and a few other items as well.  And we could see the security set up right inside the doors with the officers, the walk-through metal detectors, etc.

My 17 year old son stopped.  "Oh no!  Hey, Mom!  I have a pocket knife in my pocket..."
Oh crud.
Like many midwest teens, and farm kids, it's not a big deal to carry them in your pocket.  But... our family never goes to the courthouse so he didn't know you couldn't bring things in.  His knife was large - not the little mini 2 inch size, the real pocketknives.  We glanced back towards where the car was parked, over 2 blocks away.  We glanced at the time.  If there was any sort of line inside for passports we might not make it; the courthouse would close and we drove all this way.

Last second decision, he ran from the sidewalk, over to a snowdrift and buried the knife into the snow.

And then we went into the courthouse and went through security.

At the time I commented they probably had that on security cameras and would go out and dig in the snow to see what he buried!  But we had to rush to the passport department and, whew.  We made it.  When we exited the courthouse after mailing off the passport paperwork, he went to retrieve his knife in the snowdrift.

We honestly thought it might not be there... that they may have came out to see what it was he buried and taken it.

But surprise!  It was there.  Our son retrieved his knife, we walked back to the car and we went home.

And that was the memory that came to mind when I read this news article!

It's just the coffee talking again.....