My latest solo camping trip - An overnight last second decision trip with my 2 dogs

Edited:  This is now a little bit shorter than the original version.  Took out a couple parts.  :)

I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and thought I'd finally (finally, finally!) get around to discussing some of the food options we took on our Girls Camping Trip 2018 (2 week camping trip in May to Arizona, New Mexico and Arkansas).  However, once I sat down and opened the editor, I realized I haven't posted about my latest camping trip yet either and frankly, I was more in the mood to talk about that than camp food...  so let's do this!

There is a campground I've talked about for the past couple years that I really, really wanted to go to whenever I could 'get time' (which is... rare).  It's 'primitive' camping - no water, no electricity, etc. but honestly that is the kind of camping I prefer.  I avoid busy 'campgrounds' and RV's and people like the plague.

I woke up Wednesday morning and found myself doing a bunch of repairs and tasks around the house and outside, when I saw my two backpacks and on a whim, opened them to do inventory.

That did it.

Before I knew it, I was tossing one of the backpacks into my car, grabbing the dogs, some dog food, and my purse and I was on the road.

Not at all planned... but it felt perfect.  I was bound for hiking around a state park and then I wanted to check out the primitive campground I'd been talking about for a couple years.
I arrived at the area about 1 1/4 hours later after taking all kinds of crazy back roads to get there.  I had the two dogs with me so we did a bit of hiking but only short trails that dogs were allowed on.

   It was 90 degrees out and absolutely beautiful.

By now it was about 3:00 so I decided I better find a place to stay for the night.  I was going to check out the primitive campground of course but there was also a 2nd primitive camp area I wanted to see that was run by the state park.  So I drove around a bit.
I checked out the primitive campground ran by the state park.  I had driven by it earlier but thought it was closed as they had short cattle gates and a padlock on them.  When I talked to the state park office they said to park outside the gates, walk on in and look at the sites, then come back and tell them which one I want and they'll give me a gate code.

So I went.  And I was the only person in the area.  It was silent. Empty.

It was actually kind of eerie and it felt so... abandoned, but in a horror movie kind of way.

I liked that it was gated so, since I was alone, I didn't have to worry about people approaching my tent at 2:am, but I also thought about the fact that if someone approached my tent during the night from the forest or on foot, I would be locked 'in' the campground and couldn't drive away quickly.

I left and went to the original primitive campsite that was in the plans from the beginning.

There was only one other tent in the whole area and it looked abandoned.  No vehicles, no personal items. The tent was faded and looked repaired with duct tape at some point.  That was the only sign of life.


This portable privacy tent has made ALL the difference in camping. Such a great investment along with my portable loo.

My watch dogs...  A car drove in and parked about 3 campsites away.  It was just a 'day hiker' - a single guy who was there to park and hike and was apparently not camping.  My dogs kept him in sight to make sure he was not going to be a threat to me.

And you can tell when the dogs are relaxed and not 'on guard'.
Here they are hanging out while I read a book.

I had a quiet afternoon and evening.
I read, I made dinner.
It was pretty hot and the rain had started and stopped all day so it was steamy and humid.  So instead of changing into my pajama pants and t-shirt, I just went to bed in my shorts and t-shirt I was already wearing.

It was hot so I wasn't really sleeping and the dogs kept getting up and walking around; thereby getting 'stuck' around tree stumps and such, so I had to get up and leave the tent to get them unwound and tell them to lay back down outside the tent.

Around midnight a vehicle came barreling in... went straight to the 'abandoned' tent across the way.  I guess it wasn't abandoned after all. The dogs were growling and did a short warning bark but after about 10 minutes the persons flashlight was turned off and they seemed to settle down for the the night.

The next morning.... coffee!

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