What Authority Does the U.S. Constitution Give the Federal Government Regarding Immigration?

What Authority Does the U.S. Constitution Give the Federal Government Regarding Immigration?


The word “immigration” does not appear in the U.S. Constitution or any of its Amendments. Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 does read, “… To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, …”. The 14th Amendment, Section 1 addresses the protection of “All persons born or naturalized in the United States,…” which extended citizenship through the States to the former slaves. The rules of immigration were reserved to the States through the 10th Amendment until the first Federal law was enacted in 1875. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the following year that immigration regulation was an exclusive Federal responsibility. Congress established the Immigration Service in 1891, which was the first time the Federal government took an active role.

Congress enacted additional quota systems after World War I in the years 1921 and 1924. The laws remained largely unchanged until the passage of the “The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965.” Changes to admittance were made again in 1976 and 1978. “The Immigration Act of 1990″ added a category of admission based on diversity and increased the worldwide immigration ceiling.

Other changes came through the introduction of new categories of immigration and citizenship with the resettlement of refugees after World War II.
  • “The Refugee Act of 1980” allowed the President the authority to admit refugees on an annual basis, in consultation with Congress in response to United Nations protocols in 1967 and 1969, derived from the 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention. This new legislation was the first time that our country used international standards and definitions for our immigration policies. 
  • “The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986” addressed unauthorized immigration creating two amnesty programs “legalizing” about 2.7 million people who illegally entered the country. Because illegal immigration remained a problem, “The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996” was passed to provide greater controls on the borders and reduced benefits. 
  • The last change occurred with “The Homeland Security Act of 2002” which now has consolidated authority for border protection, naturalization, customs and immigration.

Source: The American View


Sarah Reed wants to discuss the rescent changes in your student loan... even if you don't have one

Unless you live in a cave, you've probably received a call or voicemail from "Sarah Reed" calling about your student loan.  She wants to talk to you about the recent changes.  Give her a call at.... 

While we are all familiar with scam calls, this one is so freakin' well done that I can't help but be both impressed and pissed off at the same time.  The fact that they got a totally American sounding voice, the grammar is correct, the inflections and even the pauses in the dialog and the "umm" inserted.  Dang. They outdid themselves this time.  Not sure if they got a computer to do this for them (darn awesome computer program) or if a real person actually recorded this for them and got paid for it.  BUT if it IS a real woman and she recorded this for those scammers and made money off it... she deserves to burn in hell for scamming so many innocent people.


From the news:"Iowa social worker out after false testimony in custody case"

I am THRILLED to see this making its way around the news today....

Iowa social worker out after false testimony in custody case

"..... Gray delivered fabricated reports and trial testimony that helped convince a judge to terminate the legal rights of the mother and father of four northern Iowa children, District Associate Judge Adam Sauer ruled on June 12. The judge said Gray's testimony was riddled with "lies and misrepresentations."

The case came as Iowa DHS social workers were under fire for failing to stop child abuse in some high-profile cases, including two teenage girls who died under the care of their adoptive parents.

Gray, who had served as the case manager for the family, claimed that she attended monthly visits with them as required by DHS policy but failed to do so, Sauer found.

Gray also claimed to have spoken with the kids' teachers regarding troubling behaviors they were exhibiting at school. The teachers later said they were never contacted by Gray, and Sauer ruled that "that false testimony is of grave concern." Gray also gave false information about whether the mother had complied with the terms of her probation and tested positive for drugs.

In a ruling last year stripping the parents of their rights, Judge Gregg Rosenbladt credited Gray's testimony as "very credible," unbiased and persuasive in her recommendation to place the children in foster care."

I hope (hope hope hope) this is just the tip of the iceberg on doing checks and balances on the social workers that have been given so much power over peoples lives and often abuse that power with lies and fabricated paperwork. 

I remember a story that was in the news probably 20 years ago about a family that had their infant taken away from them after she fell off their bed.  A simple accident that resulted in the baby and their two other children being taken from them and it took them a year of fighting the system to get their baby back.  (They were interviewed the local news in that city, and it showed so many holes, lies and a long paperwork trail that made it impossible for swift, honest action).  That was the first time I ever realized that social workers weren't upstanding, honest people.  

Since then, every couple years I fall down the rabbit hole of stories, news articles, blogs, forums and message boards of families devastated by a very, very broken system....  seeing a story like this where someone finally has proof that this woman LIED UNDER OATH and fabricated reports, paperwork and interviews is a ray of sunshine. I hope it changes the unquestionable power people affiliated with DHS have to ruin lives without any checks and balances being done to ensure the truth is being presented honestly and fairly.


American History... for free. Read online or download books for free.

Today is Columbus Day so I'm including 3 links here to some historical books to that topic, but followed by a couple more that are just really good starting places for readers to do their own searches into history.  For free. Online. Available to everyone!  LOVE history.  And love that it's available for download (or reading online) for free.  Millions and millions of free books and texts.

(Warning:  I get lost for hours in these cyber bookshelves....)

The history of America, from its discovery by Columbus to the conclusion of the late war.

Christopher Columbus - 3rd ed.

Political Economy - 3rd ed.

Some of the things I did not say out loud today....... (THE NEWS, BLOGS, TWITTER, ETC)

When you are reading the comments of news articles, your Twitter feed, a Facebook post, someone's personal blog, etc., sometimes there are things you just WANT to say.
But seriously - not everyone needs to hear your opinion, nor do they care so you don't need to type it out but...
You HAVE to say.  You HAVE to get it out of your system.
You SAY IT OUT LOUD TO YOUR COMPUTER or to an empty room.

And because this is my blog... I can say it here.

Well this post is for some of the things I was NOT saying directly to anyone today.

Keira Knightley rails against Kate Middleton:  Have you considered you are... wrong?  That Kate has always had a sense of style, takes pride in her appearance and she is a princess?  Your mental health issues do not give you the right to judge others for not behaving as YOU would.  Some women (me included) look and feel great after childbirth.  Our third child was the first baby born in the entire county in the new year.  Newspapers had reporters staked out at various hospitals, waiting to report on the first baby born.  Our daughter happened to be the one and 15 or 20 minutes after her birth, they came to take a photo of the happy family.  My water had broke the night before, around 11:pm.  Since labor was not 'hard' yet and we were waiting for our friends to come and watch our other two children while we were at the hospital, I curled my hair and put on makeup before heading to the hospital in a raging thunderstorm.  I labored all night and morning until she was born at 9:33 am.  Obviously dear Keira, we labor differently (according to your description) because about 15 minutes after she was born and as soon as the nurses and doctors left the room, the newspaper reporter was there to take some basic information and took our photo.  I look pretty good; not as beautiful as Kate Middleton was 7 hours after Louis' birth, but good enough after just having had my third child, that I was and am proud of that front page picture.

Mom with the blog about her family and adoption of her 4 kids:  Stop blaming your daughter and sons 'issues' on their adoption.  You adopted them 12 YEARS ago, when they were literally babies and toddlers.  Your son does have some issues, but your daughter is completely an utterly normal.  She is acting like a typical, wonderful, 13 year old.  The fact that you are forcing her to play with Barbies, make clothes for them and making her literally sit next to you on the bleachers when she watches her brothers play ball, you make her do her homework next to you at the kitchen table, she is not allowed to be on computer without you literally right there, and not allowed to have a cell phone, go out for sports or attend a public school...  breaks my heart.  All your stories of her, what she says, does, etc. all sound like a very average, normal 13 year old.  I see you doing more damage than good and it breaks my heart because she is soon turning 14 and you are still raising her as if she is 7 years old.

Mom with the blog that is now, starting to be completely about autism instead of your family:   You have a number of kids and one of them has Autism.  But once you started to get attention and a following, you really started to relish all that attention and I watched you progress over the past year or so to insisting that your other kids have it too.  The thing is....  they don't.  Even the testing you had done showed you that your 2 year old was a tiny bit behind in a couple developmental areas and the toddler has a gene that affects her sleep/breathing habits but your kids are normal, healthy, happy and so intelligent!  But I've watched you get excited about building your blog - and it seemed that Autism issues got you the most attention.  Suddenly you were doing redesigns, adding facebooks and instagrams and other social media and telling everyone about how ALL your kids are now on the autism spectrum.  Interesting... because it's not true (for those of us that have followed you for the past few years) but sadly, you really, really like the attention it brought. 

Justin Bieber doesn't wear a wedding ring:  Well, it's really none of our business is it?  Personally I see their marriage lasting about 2 years tops... so does it really matter?

Kavanaugh outcome is 'a devastating blow for women:  No. It really isn't.  Something may or may not have happened to her at a drunken party almost 40 years ago.  She may or may not have been groped by someone without sober consent.  But you know what?  We don't know.  Because she can't remember anything, or anyone or how or when it might have happened.  Other people interviewed could not corroborate her story.  Other so called witness admitted she was coached on what to say.  Basically it was almost 40 YEARS ago.  When they were very young teenagers.  This man has a wife and two daughters and is a respectable, honest, law abiding citizen with a great reputation and a million women supporting him.  What WOULD be a travesty is if he had been found 'guilty' of something SIMPLY BY BEING ACCUSED.  Too many men have their lives ruined by women who LIE about assaults due to the morning after regrets, jealousy, hurt at being turned down, etc.   Dr. Ford was a pretty hard partier back then *(photos in her school year book even show her party lifestyle) and she was NOT raped so it pisses me off that THAT gets dragged into this.  She MAY OR MAY NOT have been groped 4 decades ago by someone...  or this could have been a huge smear campaign (which was just done on a smaller scale to a man in the South who had his entire political career derailed based on similar unsubstantiated accusations.

Man breaks into Texas woman’s home, leaves nude photos, chilling note: 'I've been watching you':  This sounds like one of those urban legends... one of the stories you tell around a campfire!  You know the one where the woman wakes in the morning inside her tent to find photos of herself sleeping on her camera...  ugh.  I've had creepy guys doing creepy things my whole life as well - but thank you God none of them have made it into my house to leave me terrifying notes like this.  Hopefully with photos, security cameras and the note as evidence, they can find this guy.

Teen suing McDonald’s for $1.56M over cup of hot water: AAAAHHHHHHGGGGHHHHH   This is infuriating.  This 14 year old and her parents suing for that huge amount of money for hot water!?  The 'external layer of skin and dermis' was burned when the cup of hot water she wanted was spilled as the employee handed it to her.  IF YOU ORDER A HOT BEVERAGE THIS MAY HAPPEN.  AND IF YOU CAN'T GRAB THE DANG CUP AND HANG ON TO IT, THIS MAY HAPPEN.  AND BURNING THE EXTERNAL SKIN HEALS QUICKLY AND EASILY AND NO IT IS NOT WORTH 1 AND A HALF MILLION FREAKIN' DOLLARS.  This is a scam.  Pure scam.  Damn.

I have no more time... but whew.  It feels good to 'say' of these things that I was thinking as I read the stories/news/blogs.

Democrats have turned our country into the Jerry Springer show.....

The news and morning coffee.
Just... wow.
I can't even......