A Mom leaves her placenta in the woods of a park and... everyone freaks out

Many women go to a hospital to have a child, pass the placenta after, and never care how the hospital disposes of it.  But there are many other women who are in awe of, or respectful of or have a spiritual or cultural bond to what kept their baby alive and nourished him or her for all those months inside them.

Some women choose to keep the placenta from their child's birth.  Depending on their beliefs, or culture, they sometimes eat the placenta, dry it out and later consume it as a powder, wear it in a vial around their neck, or other various forms of ingesting it back to their body.  Some people may think it gross, others think it spiritual.  Many more women choose to save the placenta and plant it in the ground.  Many times they plant a tree or bush on the spot to honor the birth of their child.

However, when you go against mainstream anything, especially in our world today, you end up causing a panic.

This young Canadian mother caused a widespread panic when she decided to leave the placenta that nourished her daughter, in a park and it was found.  What resulted from a simple, spiritual and well meaning gesture was chaos, panic, and a police investigation.

See the video interview with the mother here: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1552296

Seeing a 'found' placenta on the news, her mother called her the next morning to let her know one was found and it was probably hers.  She had to call the police to let them know there was no 'mother who gave birth in a public park' and no woman or child was missing or in harms way.  As a matter of fact, the infant was now a one year old child as the placenta had been kept in the deep freezer for a year while the young Mom decided what she wanted to do with it after her daughter had been born.

Still not an easy outcome for the young woman.  She had to have police officers visit her home to 'look around', they had to see her daughter, spoke to her Mother, took DNA to test it against the placenta in question (seriously... how many other people were laying claim to this year old placenta?).  And even during the video interview I posted above, she still had not gotten the placenta returned to her as it was being held at the local coroner's office for testing before it could be released.


Ok, so I checked on a whim and yes... there are actually placenta themed or based products available on Amazon.  This was a path I didn't expect to go down... but you can even get a cookbook with Placenta featured recipes.  Alrighty then!