Coffee Talking: Did iCoffee go out of business? I wanted two more iCoffee brewers for a Coffee Bar at a Wedding Reception

Well, this is pretty crappy, but it looks like the makers of iCoffee just did a 'fly by night, close up shop and leave town' like they were carpet baggers or something.

In the past I've blogged about my icoffee maker and how I preferred it over Keurig.  As a matter of fact, I didn't intend on buying anymore Keurigs and was pretty darn thrilled with the 'better' coffee that my icoffee brewer made.  So much so, that our family is planning a wedding for next spring, at which we are featuring a 'coffee bar' with single serve coffee brewers at the reception.  To make this coffee bar, I planned on using our own iCoffee, but also purchasing two more because I knew I could gift them to family members after the reception.

Yesterday I happened to be doing an in-between groceries shopping trip to Walmart, which means I had a little more in my budget to spare as I wasn't doing the normal grocery or household shopping.  I went down the coffee brewer aisle, looking for the icoffees.

Every last one of them!

This morning I decided to hop online and see if Amazon had any.  Nope. Not new ones anyway. I clicked over to Walmart's website (which I DESPISE because their website search is probably the most frustrating, awful, worst search on ANY retail site I've ever had to use) and no.  They don't offer them either.  (On a side note, a 3rd party seller is offering one for $10,000 - which is a whole OTHER ranting-raving- pissed off coffee post for another day.)

So I type the icoffee website into my browser.  It's gone.

Apparently it's been gone since last Fall/Winter but since I've had no issues with my iCoffee and didn't need to visit their site, I had no idea.

The thing is, I can't really find anything on them or their company.  Just POOF!  They disappeared overnight.

And that is a pretty shitty thing to do.

If you know you are going to be shutting down your company, don't do it like a thief in the night.;  man up!  Grow some balls.  Running away like that makes you look like an ass, leaves your customers with a bad taste in their mouth and if you hope to open another company or similar in the future, you've burned quite a few bridges.

So it looks like iCoffee shut down everything and closed up shop.

That's pretty crappy because they had an awesome product.  The swirl water stream verses Keurigs 'straight down' water shot made for a much better coffee.  I loved their machine, I loved their coffee.  Had I known they would be discontinuing them I would have bought two more to use as 'back up' later on.

So for now I'll continue to use the one I have... and for the wedding reception coffee bar, well, at this point I guess any low cost single serve coffee brewer will do.  I'll start my search and pick at random.  I'll let you know what I find and what I end up using. 

You might be interested in purchasing one too.  If so, you can use my Coffee Talking link:  Start your search for single serve coffee brewers at Amazon here.