It's that time of year again - my favorite PEPPERMINT BARK COFFEE IS OUT! But you might have a hard time finding it! See where I found it....

The first week of October I started to keep my eyes open for my favorite (and one of the only) flavored coffees - the Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark flavor!  Typically I can find it at Walmart in a special end cap they usually have over by the coffee brewers; in the main aisle, between the coffee makers and spray paint.  This year however... no special 'coffee' display.

I've checked the last two times I've shopped for household items and obviously I've checked the coffee aisle as well.  I also looked at our local Publix and at a Walmart in another state where I was visiting last week.  Nope.  And I thought that was odd.  Mid November and STILL no Peppermint Bark coffee out?

Usually it's SOLD OUT but I at least find where it's on display and sometimes I get lucky.

Today I was doing some regular shopping and was over by the dairy department.  As I walked past the large doors that lead to the storage and refrigerator area for employees only, I saw a skinny endcap display with little boxes of k-cups.  Odd place for it - considering these doors are smack dab between the bagels and cream cheese and the milk.  I've seen the display there for the past year (at least) but I don't buy little 4 packs of k-cups nor do I buy the larger boxes on the bottom rack because I usually buy our 'large box' of coffee k-cups at Sam's.  But something... something told me to stop and glance today.

And look what I found!  On the bottom rack, on the far right side, next to the swinging doors the employees walk though; the seasonal Peppermint Bark Coffee!

I bought 2 boxes.

Here are the photos I posted to my SnapChat as 3 people on my snapchat list love this coffee as well and have been looking for it.

If you can't find it locally you can order it on Amazon!

And there are other options - 2 other brands that make peppermint coffee, some coffee syrup flavor and peppermint hot cocoa too!