Oh dear retailers, hear my plea! BRING BACK 'BOYS' TOYS AND 'GIRLS' TOYS search labels. I don't have TIME for PC parent crap.

I know there is a small wave of obnoxious people who bitch about retailers labeling searches as "boys" and "girls" toys.  The second they see a pink Barbie house is labeled under a general search for 'girls' toys they get their panties in a wad and scream and gnash their teeth and rip their hair out...  and post all over their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts how discriminatory this is and then force the retailers to remove 'boy' and 'girl' from the many choices of search labels.


If you don't want to search for a boy toy, for pete's sake DO NOT USE THAT SEARCH FUNCTION THEN.

Use something else.  Search for the age group, the style of toy, search for the price range; I don't CARE what you search for but stop trying to force the retailers to bow down to your screwed up mental issues about boys and girls.

Because I'm looking for Christmas ideas for 3 little boys and I'm sick and tired of having to scroll through 17 pages or fricken' pink Barbie houses and Hatchimals and other crap that these little boys have ZERO interest in, in order to find ideas for things they DO want and WILL play with.  They love tractors, trucks, cars, farm animals, toy barns, nerf guns, etc. and I'm wasting a lot of time because the retailers have taken the 'boy' and 'girl' labels off their searches.

I GET that your boy might want a Barbie - I don't care if he does - look up BARBIE then.  If these little guys want a pink pair of dress up shoes, or play makeup or baby doll, I'll buy them one (well I don't have to buy the baby doll because we already have the baby doll and all the baby 'stuff' to play with) but the point is if I know my little boy wanted a Barbie House, I know most girls like that toy so it would be labeled under girls toys.  And I could search for it there - and buy it for a boy or girl.  The search is just a TOOL to help the GENERAL POPULATION quickly find items.

Stop complaining loud and long to get rid of a perfectly good COMMON SENSE SEARCH LABEL that most of us WANT to us and is helpful.  If YOU don't like that label don't use it.  But don't take away my right to use it to help me cut down on 40 minutes of wasted effort due to your emotional issues over the use of a word.

Now, back to wading through 17 pages of pink barbie houses because my search options are by price, brand, age group etc. but NOT the easier and simplified 'boys' label that would have brought me to a better search return.