Wednesday - It's just the coffee talking...

Coffee in hand but I'm not at all relaxed as I have a very ADHD dog who just can't seem to settle down and just. stop. moving. and her tag is jangling... which in turn is making my nerves jangle.

Yesterday I had a thought pop into my head that was something like "Boy, democrat personalities sure like to fight and argue all the time.  It's like they can't just settle down... ever.  They always have to be fighting with someone and upset.  Even when the facts are staring them in the face and they're wrong.  Or they've lost."  

People that are conservative republican usually are the more 'old school' immigrant personalities - that stoic Nordic way of arguing or winning more quietly, reserved and with poise.  Picture those old Swedish or German farmers of the Midwest.  We are faced with something we don't like but, we accept it, we nod, we move on.  We quietly fight our fights in other ways; like voting.  We don't need to scream, throw things, prance around in the streets naked, use vulgar language, wear pink hats, cover our faces to hide who we are, or smash things.

We also know what and why we believe what we do; just do a search on the interviews with these 'protesters' who can't, when asked, answer a single intelligent question.  They don't know the issues, they don't know the truth, they jump on the bandwagon without even knowing what they are protesting for.  It would be comical if it weren't so pathetic.  Interview after interview of people saying 'umm' 'well, I don't know' or spouting off things that aren't even true when asked about the political issue or person they are protesting.  They are SO uninformed, uneducated... but hey, a chance to scream, be violent or even just join to fit in and 'be a part of something big' when they in fact have NO CLUE what the issues even really are.  It's so sad and yes, sometimes stomach turning.

We've reached a low point that is disgusting as to what has become 'acceptable' behavior of the media, journalists, celebrities and name brand companies.


Just try to go one day... ONE day without being an ugly person.  Without having to spew hate.  Without having to fight and argue and start drama.  Oh the drama. The stupidity. The arguing and hatred and bullying. I just shake my head and roll my eyes.

It's just the coffee talking....