SO COOL! Rugged Coffee Maker by OXX - the COFFEEBOXX for job sites, construction workers, in the garage and more

Although I like to talk about coffee pretty often, I don't go looking for new-to-me coffee or coffee makers.  If I happen to stumble upon something I think  is cool, I'll feature it though.  And this is one of those.

This morning I'm online looking around at Christmas gift ideas for my family, but at the time, was looking for gifts for my son.  I saw this really cool and rugged looking coffee maker and noticed it had a k-cup.  I realized it was a single serve brewer and whoa, this was just... cool looking!


The one I saw was black, but when I checked Amazon to see if they carried it, I found they were offering an awesome green color as well.  It's call The CoffeeBoxx and they are made by OXX.

Durable and rugged, they are really great for those who work outside, on construction, at job sites, in garages and places where you can't typically have a coffee maker because it's going to get ran over, bumped, heavy things dropped on it, etc.  Typically you would have to brew your coffee elsewhere and bring it with you in a travel mug. Not anymore!  If you have access to 120v power you now can tote this machine along with the rest of your tools and get freshly brewed hot coffee on site.
  • Crush-proof plastic chassis withstands a 1500 lb. impact
  • Sealed connections and spill-proof reservoir head 
  • Water and dust resistant for outdoor use. Sealed construction featuring water and dust resistant buttons. IP54 rated. Keeps dust out of water supply. 
  • Choose from 8, 10, and 12oz cups sizes. 70 seconds to brew a cup
  • Giant 85-oz. water reservoir – enough for seven 12-oz. cups
  • Carbon water filter removes impurities and contaminants
  • Works with K-Cup®-compatible single-serve coffee pods and most reusable pods
  • Heavy-duty 3-foot retractable cord and 6 stainless steel tie-down locations
  • Rugged rubberized carry handle
  • Integrated carbon water filter (included)
  • Power: 120v AC, 60 Hz, 1450 watts
  • 11-1/2”H x 9”W x 11”D; weighs 11 lb. empty

I looked at them on 3 different sites and for pricing, to order direct from the company was  the most expensive, while Amazon and another retailer sold them for $30 less. 

Here is a field case I found for it as well!
Field Case for OXX COFFEEBOXX in Special Ops Black


Rambling over... not coffee, but a Truly's Hard Seltzer. Pineapple if you must know.... topic: MISHEARD LYRICS (Kenny Rogers - Lucille)

Background you would need to know:  one of our dogs is named Lucy.

About 15 minutes ago I was going to let the dogs 'out' and feed them dinner, and my husband said he would do it and he proceeded to call the dogs but instead of calling the name 'Lucy' he called Lucille. (Which she wouldn't answer to since she's never been called that) but I looked at him and said, "Seriously!?  You know what you just did, don't you?  You put that song in my head!"
"What song?" he asked, "I was thinking of Charlie Brown."
So at the top of my lungs I serenaded my husband...

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.
With four hungry children and the crops in the field.
We had some bad times, lived through some sad times,
But this time the hurtin' won't heal.
You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.
And not only did I entertain my husband with my awesome awful rendition of the song, I went on to tell him a little 'backstory' - which I'm prone to do.

When I was really little, this song often played at my grandparents house because my Aunt had a huge crush on Kenny Rogers.  My brother, my cousin and I would always sing along with the song and for years... YEARS.... we thought the lyrics were,

.... with four hundred children and the crops in the field
 I think I sang along with this song for like, ten years, that the poor man was left with 400 children and the crops in the field before I figured out it was 4 hungry children!

Rambling Over Coffee: To Hike or Not to Hike, That Is the Question

This morning as I'm sitting here finishing my second cup of coffee, and waiting to let the dogs back in from going 'out' to do their business, I'm pondering my morning schedule.

I have an appointment I have to be at between 11:30 - 12:00 today that is about 30 minutes away, and it happens to be in the direction of a state park I often stop by to do some quick hiking and just enjoy the views.

However, although they are both kinda-sorta in the same direction, they aren't.  If I was to put a compass down on a map, they would both be roughly northeast, but are about 45 degrees from each other.  I would have to allow for a 45 minute drive to get from one to another....  which means I'd have to hurry and get dressed for the hike and leave now, if I am to allow enough time to drive to the location to hike for a bit, and still make my 11:30-12:00 ish meeting.

Decisions, decisions!

While I ponder for a minute (while I let the dogs back in and get them breakfast) I'll leave my readers with some photos of the rock cliffs, the hiking trail and the view.  Incidentally, although it's officially December, today promises to be in the low 60's I think, and sunny.  Which would be an awesome hiking day... but I would be rushed... and the 11:30-12:00 meeting would be hanging over my head and possibly making me not enjoy the hike and 'relax' like I want to as I would be concerned about my schedule and not running behind.  Gah.

If you enjoy visiting Just the Coffee Talking, please consider using this affiliate link if you are planning to shop for anything (seriously, anything!) at Amazon.
If you plan to buy anything there; for today, for a birthday, for Christmas or even just get some coffee or groceries, please consider going there through my link to get there? Thanks so much! Amazon by Coffee Talking


Rambling Over Coffee: THE MOST HATED WORD IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (... might be 'moist' but I have 3 others I hate!)

With over a quarter million words in the English language, words like phlegm and mucous are pretty well hated by a majority, but as most people know, the winner seems to be the word "moist".

Although the obvious much-hated words such as phlegm, mucous and moist are irritating to a majority of people, there are many words that make me cringe inwardly (and often, outwardly) when I hear them being used in day to day conversations.  I also cringe, or make a face or shake my head when I read them used online - blogs, Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

The thing is, many (dare I say most?) people don't seem to have an problems or issues with these words... but I do.  I hate them.  I hate hearing them, reading them, and I can't stand they are even used at all.

So what are some of these words that make me irritated to read or hear them?

  • Brekky.
  • Sammich.
  • Bradgelina or ANY other mushing together of two peoples' names into one moniker.

Just fucking say BREAKFAST.
And it's SANDWICH, not 'sammich' or the awful "sammy".  Really?  Sammy?

I'm sure there are a lot more, if I try to think about them but those three (3) are at the top of my list at all times.

the thick viscous substance secreted by the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages, especially when produced in excessive or abnormal quantities, e.g., when someone is suffering from a cold.


Rambling Over Coffee: Half-Assing Christmas This Year

We all have phrases we picked up from our parents, and from my Dad, I grew up hearing the word "half-assed".  As in, "You did a half-assed job of that!"  "Don't do it half-assed, do it right!"

And half-assed is a pretty awesome description of how I think I'm doing Christmas this year.

done with little effort or care; incompetent or inadequate.
"a half-assed attempt to rectify the problem"

All of my adult life I've already had the tree up, decorations hung and started on the holiday cookies that can be made ahead and frozen by December 3rd.  This year?  Nope.

  • Is it the crazy warm weather we had that threw me off?
  • Living in a region that gets little to no snow and looks bald and Fallish instead of wintery?
  • The house guests that stayed with us for 7 weeks this Fall during their house remodel?
  • My husband and I being massively sick for the past 3 1/2 weeks since they've left? And still with sore throat, sniffling, coughing and dealing with exhaustion?
  • The fact that most of our extended family is 1000 miles away and won't be here this year to celebrate?
  • The bank card hack that gives me anxiety about spending money or using my cards for anything at all now?

Maybe a bit of everything?

But the fact is I have zero inclination to put up the tree, to decorate (even a wreath on the door... meh) or to start baking.  I haven't bought Christmas gifts and yeah, that gives me some anxiety since most will have to be sent this year and I'm behind the ball already by not having them already in hand, as the shipping dates get further and further out for most stores.  Not to mention having to schlep off to the post office and deal with sending.

My husband and I are both in the same frame of mind.

We don't really even want to bother with the tree. 

But... we have one family member that will be here to exchange gifts this year.  And I have to bake no matter what as I bake for the 100 employees of my husband.  And I know that at some point in the next couple weeks I'll get into the Christmas spirit and wish I had had decked the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la.

So last night I made my husband get the 12 foot tree out of the storage closet and drag the boxes into the living room.  They are staring at me this morning.  I'm still deciding if I'm going to do anything about them. The normal decking of the halls is not happening though.  I'm thinking a tree, a wreath and a ribboned basket to throw Christmas cards into might be the extent of the decorating this year.

I have the Christmas cookie list near by and I intend on making the ingredient 'shopping list' and possibly heading over to Walmart and the grocery store to get the ingredients for all the cookies and goodies I'll make. I have a pile of catalogs and an idea list of gifts for all the family and extended family members and I'm brainstorming a gift plan... with the intention of getting things ordered in the next few days.

I'm GOING to do it.
SOME of it anyway.
It may be half-assed, but it's something.


Rambling Over Coffee: Which Would You Rather? Snow or Mosquitoes?

Just brewed a cup of fresh coffee - (Peppermint Bark). 

Random Chit Chat over Coffee at the Kitchen Table....

One of my kids lives up North.  This morning he texted me to say that it snowed all day yesterday, and he sent a video of him pushing a ruler into the snow - they got a full foot of fresh snow yesterday on top of what they already had.  (They were supposed to get 14-16 inches so they got less than they expected and snow is really not a big deal there because hello?  It's winter.  Snow happens.) 

BUT it's relevant to my smart-ass son's quick wit so you had to have the background story.
Because he knows I hate snow. 
After being born and raised in it and spending over half my life in it, I moved to get away from it. 
I despise snow, ice and cold.

So he sends me this 'good morning' text and photo and I chuckle and offer my condolences. 
I tell him it's funny because last night his Grandma called me on my 'old' cell phone which gets lousy service so I have to go outside and find a sweet spot and stand there, as long as the reception lasts, in order to get through the phone call.  And my mother's calls are never on topic and never short. 

And I finally had to cut in numerous times and beg off because I really, really had to get back inside the house as I was getting ate up by mosquitoes. 

I found humor in the fact that while my son was getting a foot of fresh snow, I was outside at 8:30 pm in shorts and a t-shirt, and my legs were getting attacked by mosquitoes.

His immediate response?  "Well, you'd love all this snow then!  No mosquitoes!"



The Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve/Pod Free Coffee Maker (lets you use your favorite coffee grounds!)


The final "new-to-me" coffee maker that was featured in the marketing email that I actually took the time to read and not just delete.  I've been in a cave lately when it comes to coffee makers.  I've not been in the market for one since last April (pre-wedding reception coffee bar) and then after that life got insane for awhile.  Now, getting over a bought with the flu, I'm spending a lot of time sitting on my exhausted, fatigued backside and actually reading some of my emails... which is how I found out about this little guy.

REASON NUMBER ONE I LIKE HIM?   He doesn't use pods!  Yeah, I do use coffee pods (k-cups) but I also feel a bit guilty every time I do as those little things have been around long enough now you can place them end to end and circle the moon and back.  But those little eco-cups were messy and often, I found the lids to snap right off and break too easily.  This little machine solves that. 

Like it's big brother, it uses a filter and your own ground coffee, but you still get that great flavor of a single serve coffee and not a whole gross-tasting and often times burnt whole pot of coffee.  And no plastic k-cup pod is needed!

  Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve/Pod Free Coffee Maker

  • JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT: The Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve Coffee Maker brews 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz of hot and flavorful coffee and anything in between—set the dial for your ideal brew size
  • GREAT-TASTING COFFEE, YOUR WAY: Personal coffee maker lets you use your favorite coffee grounds; uses kettle heating technology to brew at the optimal temperature and extract the best flavors for full-bodied coffee
  • ADVANCED WATER FLOW SYSTEM: The HotCup coffee maker uses an Advanced Water Flow system that evenly distributes the right amount of water over coffee grounds in a sweeping pattern, for the richest, boldest flavors
  • EASY MEASURING SCOOP: Includes a convenient measuring scoop that matches the brew size options on the coffee maker to measure the right amount of coffee grounds every time
  • MORE CONVENIENT FEATURES: The HotCup has a large, illuminated, 74 oz water tank for more servings and less refills; an energy efficient auto on/off feature; uses #2 cone filters (sold separately) for best taste and easy cleanup; includes a dishwasher-safe brew basket; and can also be used as a hot water dispenser to make tea, hot cocoa, and instant food

More Convenient Features

  • Fits travel mugs up to 7" tall
  • Makes anywhere from 6-12 oz.
  • 74 oz. illuminated water tank
  • Auto on/off
  • Dishwasher-safe brew basket
  • Use as a hot water dispenser

No Need for Pods

Brew great-tasting, fresh coffee, that’s the right strength for every serving size, with the easy measuring scoop.

Advanced Water Flow System

Evenly distributes the perfect amount of water in a sweeping motion, for full-bodied flavor.

Kettle Heating Technology

Heats up water to the optimal temperature for hot, flavorful coffee.

The Perfect Cup of Fresh, Hot Coffee...

...brewed to the exact strength you like. Just scoop your favorite coffee grounds with the easy measuring scoop, set the dial anywhere from 6 to 12 oz., and press Brew Now. The kettle heater will heat the water to the optimal brewing temperature, and the water flow system will distribute it evenly over the grounds through the cone filter, releasing the rich, bold coffee flavors.

The Mr. Coffee All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker


As I mentioned in a previous post, I found three (3) new-to-me coffee makers tonight simply by actually reading one of the Mr. Coffee marketing emails in my in box.  They've flown under my radar since I haven't been in the market for a new coffee makers since last April/May when I needed to buy two machines for a coffee bar and one of my kids wedding reception.

I think I've blogged about how I do my own little 'pour over' coffee here at home using the old filter basket from a long-gone Mr. Coffee machine... I'm not going to take the time to check but I'm pretty sure I have posted about it, with photos.  This is just a little bit more fancy-dancy than my DIY version. 

Mr. Coffee All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker, 6 Cups, Black

  • Make delicious pour over Coffee at home with the Mr. Coffee all in one at home pour over coffeemaker—its on screen, step by step guide walks you through the pour over process, so you get the right amount of Coffee and water at the optimal brewing temperature for great tasting pour over Coffee
  • An integrated auto measure scale automatically calculates the right amount of Coffee and water, so you know just how much to add for the perfect cup of pour over Coffee
  • The temperature controlled gooseneck kettle heats to the optimal Coffee brewing temperature
  • Cone style brewer allows water to flow evenly through the Coffee grounds to extract the fullest flavor; uses #2 cone pointed filters (sold separately)
  • On screen guide tells you when to pause for blooming, which is soaking of the grounds to extract the fullest flavor (you may even enjoy the flavor of pour over coffee without milk or sugar)
  • Brews 2, 4, or 6 cups of Coffee; set includes dripper, kettle & scale — enjoy home pour over without buying individual pieces; warming plate not included, as extra heating of pour over coffee may make it bitter

No Need to Measure

An integrated sensor calculates the perfect amount of water and coffee.
The instructions on the base of the unit will take you through the pour over process step by step.

The gooseneck kettle heats water to the optimal temperature for flavorful, pour over coffee.
What is Blooming?

The Mr. Coffee Simple Pour Over coffeemaker system allows for “blooming.”

Blooming lets the coffee grounds presoak, or “bloom” for 30 seconds.
This extracts more flavor from the coffee grounds, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee.


The New Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine


I mentioned not long ago that I've been getting Mr. Coffee marketing emails since I ordered a replacement part a few months back and apparently never got around to unsubscribing.  I was going to a couple weeks ago, but it ended up when I saw the new product featured in the email, it was interesting enough for me to look up more information on it, so perhaps I didn't want to unsubscribe right away...

Which is why I got another marketing email today and what do you know?  Three new-to-me products and I decided if there were other people like me who have been far too busy with 'life' to pay attention to new fangled coffee making apparatus's, maybe they would see it on my blog and be happy I told them about it.  And because I'm an Amazon affiliate, I of course went there to see the price, read reviews, look at photos and read the product descriptions!

 Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

Skip the trip to or long lines at the local coffee shop and easily create extraordinary coffee drinks at home with Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse. With a simple press of a button, you can make espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes within minutes. Choose from a single or double shot of espresso and then let the automatic milk frother steam the milk of your choice into a light and airy foam. A 19-bar Italian pump delivers the optimal amount of pressure to squeeze every bit of flavor from the brew for delicious barista-quality drinks.

Product Features

  • 19-bar Italian pump
  • One-touch control panel
  • Thermocouple heating system quickly and evenly heats water
  • Integrated automatic milk frother turns your favorite milk into a light, creamy foam
  • Removable milk reservoir is easy to fill and clean and great for storing leftover milk in the fridge
  • Adjustable cup tray fits tall or short mugs
  • One touch of a button is all it takes to activate the cleaning cycle

Rambling Over Coffee: The list of things I don't want to do is long

It's the day after Thanksgiving.  Family members are working so I'm here alone.  The perfect time to get things done.  Anything. Everything.
Because that's what I'm getting done.

I vacuumed.  That's about it.

  • Normally today might have found me putting up our Christmas trees and decking the halls with boughs of holly.
  • Meh.
  • The bathroom needs to be deep cleaned and the stone shower enclosure scrubbed.
  • Ugh.
  • Dishes from last night still waiting my attention in the kitchen sink.
  • No... please, no.
  • Donation boxes lined up waiting for me to go through more closets, dressers and rooms.
  • Sigh.  
  • I have 3 gallons of paint that have been sitting in the garage for 6 months waiting for me to paint the family room.
  • Gah.
  • Taking down all the blinds and washing them in the bathtub, cleaning out the freezer, getting started on holiday Christmas baking, going through baby clothes and maternity clothes boxes, making up the guest room beds, finding new curtains for the office, online Christmas shopping - or at least LOOKING as I've not bought one single thing for anyone, finishing the Christmas letter, addressing Christmas envelopes, cutting the dogs nails... all are legit things on the TO DO list.

Instead, I am pondering another cup of coffee and going to read a book.


But if you are so inclined to do some shopping online at Amazon today, might I ask you to get there through my link?  If you plan to buy anything there.... for today, for a birthday, for Christmas or even just get some coffee or groceries, please consider going there through my link to get there. Thanks so much! Amazon by Coffee Talking


Rambling over Coffee: Do females like gravy more than males?

It's Thanksgiving Day!  The big meal was over a couple hours ago but we have guests on their way over in about 15 minutes for 'round two' so I'm here with fresh coffee and some toothpicks to prop my eyes open.  So, so tired!  My husband is actually snoring on the couch right now with football playing on the TV in front of him.  I'm not a daytime sleeper... I wish I was... but alas, I've not been able to nap since I was a year old.  No matter how miserably sleepy I am.

So here I am, with coffee.

And while the coffee was brewing, I was snitching a few more bites of stuffing, smothered in gravy.

That led me to think about how my husband isn't a huge gravy fan.  He can take it or leave it, and when he does take it, it's just enough for a little tad bit on potatoes or whatnot and he's good.  Not like me, who believes a bowl was made for gravy!

Then I started to think how my son-in-law isn't a gravy guy either.

And then realized my other son-in-law isn't either.

And... now that I think about it, my daughter's boyfriends in high school weren't either.

But all the females I know LOVE gravy.

Seriously, the females I know love sauces, gravies and toppings... the males?  Not so much.

Pork Chops with mushroom sauce?  The females are scraping the pans to get the last of the sauce, the menfolk?  Plain pork chops please.

French Dip sandwiches?  Lots of au jus please!  The guys?  "What?  It's perfectly good just as a sandwich, why do I have to dip it in anything?"

Mashed potatoes more often than not just have butter and they've bypassed the gravy.

BBQ chicken?  Ditto.  Us females are spooning on extra bbq sauce and the guys... don't bat an eye.

Biscuits and gravy?  Yes, please!  And LOTS of gravy!  My husband?  A smidgen of gravy counts as gravy.  Mine are swimming in it.  And if the gravy runs out before the biscuit, I've got to go back for more gravy.

The only sauce I've found the males that surround us to like is ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing with their hot wings and ketchup with their fries.

But gravy?  That seems to be a female thing.


Rambling over coffee....

Last night I had came to this page and started to vent a little about the latest updates to the debit card hack... (2 more purchases came through unexpectedly last night on my deactivated and shredded card - allowed because last week they were two of the 10 'pending transactions' that the perpetrators ran through the account quickly so even though they fell off the 'pending' list last weekend, and we thought those two were going to go away without actually hitting the account as a purchase... they suddenly did last night without warning.)

And while I was here typing some of that out last night, I got an email alert that my gov FSA ID account was locked due to too many attempts.  This is the ID for FAFSA account you have to make for the government if you apply for college - or your kids apply for college - and you as a parent have to make one.   And dangit, someone was trying to hack into that too.

This morning is Thanksgiving morning and I'm supposed to be in the kitchen making a huge traditional meal... instead I'm sipping coffee, checking my bank account, email accounts and....  calling certain strangers some very, very frustrated and mean names in my head.


In the meantime, tomorrow is black friday... and if you are planning on staying home in your pajamas and shopping online instead of wandering out into the crowds, might I ask if you are making any purchases through Amazon, that you go through one of my links so I can get some credit for sending you there?   Thanks so much!

If you plan to buy anything there; for today, for a birthday, for Christmas or even just get some coffee or groceries, please consider going there through my link to get there? Thanks so much!


Almost a thousand pumpkin pies sold...

Rambling over coffee:

One of my kids works in a very large, well known membership warehouse style retail establishment.  Today (Tuesday before Thanksgiving) he just texted me to say that in 4 hours they have sold almost 1000 pumpkin pies.

I'm not sure I've ever bought a pumpkin pie in my life, because they are so easy to make.  But I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that by the 4 hour mark they will basically have sold about 1000 pies.

I honestly had no clue stores sold this many pumpkin pies.

Don't mind me... It's just the coffee talking I guess.

Quest Nutrition Pumpkin Pie Protein Bar, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Keto Friendly, 12 Count

Kellogg's, Pop Tarts, Pumpkin Pie, Limited Edition, 16-Count, 28.2oz Box

Paramount Coffee, Single Serve Flavored Coffee, Sweetie Pie, Pumpkin Pie, 12 Pods

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