A leaking Keurig Coffee Machine... a simple fix! Sometimes. And sometimes it's not worth it. Photos to show why I did NOT bother to fix this one.

My love/hate relationship with Keurigs goes back to when I bought my first one in 2005.  I had had a cup of Keurig coffee while waiting for my truck repair at my car dealership. Then I had a second.  And then I came home after my repair was done, and announced to my husband I knew what I wanted for our next coffee maker.  It was called a Keurig and it was going to be about $150.  His eyes bugged out.  Over a hundred dollars for... a coffee maker?  Was it worth it?  Oh yes.  Oh yes it was.

And we did.  
And it broke right away.  
And we got another one that worked for about 5 months and broke.  
And then we got another one (luckily we had bought them through Best Buy and had bought the Black Tie Warranty so it was an easy return).  
That last one was good for a few years before it finally stopped working. 

Keurigs were great but at the time they OWNED the market - as in, their patent kept anyone else from making the machines or k-cups.  So they could do a crap job on the machines and there was no competition.  FINALLY their exclusive patent ended and similar options hit the market.

After that they seemed to improve their machines.

So our last Keurig (number 7 I think, maybe?)  lasted a few years but soon was flooding the counter.

Not just leaking.

If you've been caring for your machine correctly - which basically is just descaling it so the mineral deposits don't build up, then a leak probably means either the rubber gasket at the connection of our water reservoir is bad, your reservoir itself is leaking, or the hose inside the machine base just under this connection is leaking.  All pretty simple fixes using some food safe silicone goo available at Lowe's or sometimes having to purchase a new little gasket.  But both easy and cheap.  (Do a google on those if you need to watch someone do it on youtube - because that's not what this post is actually about.)

This was in 2016.

But by that time there were other machines on the market that were similar and I bought one of those.
I emptied the water out of this one and stuck it up high on a shelf... and forgot about it for a couple years.

Until this week.  January of 2019.

I was putting a new small appliance away on the top shelf of our storage cabinet and started to think about the Keurig I had stored up there.  I was trying to remember WHY we bought a new coffee maker a couple years ago.  Did I save this one for one of our kids to use when they got their own place?  Was I saving it for another reason?  Did it work fine and I just wanted to try the new iCoffee at the time?  

I took it down and commenced spending the afternoon descaling it and running boat loads of lemon juice and then, clean water through to clear it.  It was sucking up the water fine.  It worked great!  It made a good cup of coffee!  Obviously, I must have saved it to give to our daughter... so I emptied it out to put it back up in storage.  And then, I put my hand down on the black granite counter where it had been... and felt a puddle.  A large puddle that took up a good portion of the kitchen counter.

Ohhhh that's right!  I bought a new coffee maker because this one used to flood our coffee counter!

I could fix this!  (I fix almost everything in our home.  I do most of the maintenance and repairs, projects and servicing.) 

A quick search on the internet assured me most leaks were easily fixed...  and two places where the leak typically came from.

As you can see from the photos...  the normal places people have leaks with Keurigs looked great on my machine.  No leaks.

But when I removed the screws from the metal plate on the bottom of the machine, the source of the leak was obvious.

And the scaling and mineral deposits will show you just where that leak is.  (Remember, my machine had sat for a couple years on the shelf before I opened it).


 The problem was...  THIS particular leak is NOT easy to reach or even see.  It's SO far up into the machine I can't even tell where the leak is coming from in such a dark, tiny and hard to reach area up at the top of the machine where the tube comes out.

 In the end... I decided 'meh' and it wasn't worth my time.  This machine was ready to be thrown out 2 years ago when we got our new one, and it's only my curiosity and penchant for fixing items (repairing, reusing, recycling) before I finally commence to throwing something away.  But Keurigs make it pretty tough to truly get up into the guts of the machine and frankly, there are so many other things going on in our life right now that this was not an easy or quick fix and it wasn't a priority.

In this instance, the leak was NOT an easy fix.

Sometimes that's life!

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