#BirdBoxChallenge Had Me in the 1980's.... and even better? The Mirror Challenge

Before the #BirdBoxChallenge was a thing I guess I was already rocking the blindfold.
This is back in the 80's.

My brothers and I used to put on a blindfold and try to do various things around the house, or even just maneuver around the house.  30 years into the future we could have recorded ourselves on our cellphones and posted to social media.

Actually, what was more fun than trying to get around the house, do dishes, climb through and over obstacle courses set up for each other to run while blindfolded, was a better 'game'.

Have you ever tried to walk around your house as if you were flipped upside down?

Try it.

It's a whole new world.

Take a hand held bathroom mirror, one that is preferably one that is about the size of your face.

Hold it either directly under your chin or just under your nose.

Now look into the mirror - and ONLY into the mirror.  Don't take your eyes away from the mirror while you attempt to walk around your home.  You'll find yourself stepping 'over' nonexistent barriers when you cross a doorway, or going around a large fan in the middle of the floor that in reality is of course, on the ceiling above you.  Tripping over things that ARE there, because your view shows a flat, perfectly open 'ceiling' that is your floor.

You best have someone watching you and guiding you though - to stop you before you trip and fall over something that really is in your way.  Of course, I had 3 brothers to play this game with so obviously....  we would never warn each other!