I don't have Facebook and you neglected to leave a phone number. I can't call you to hire you for a service. I can't buy your couch...

I've rambled a bit about this topic already but I just had another instance where I just shake my head and chuckle at the stupidity.

My little town has a facebook community page.

I had no idea of this for the first 6 of the 7 years we've lived here.

I don't have a Facebook account.

I stumbled upon it once by accident last summer when I was googling something or other going on in our town, and it came up in the search returns.  I can see most of the messages and images on it as it's a public page.  However I can't see all messages and images because some people have must have their personal accounts set so only other Facebook users can see them.

A lot of people don't realize also that if you don't have a Facebook account, you can't see peoples Facebooks accounts.  Years ago you could still read posts and see photos but they changed that about 8 or  so years ago I believe.  No matter how many times I tell various friends and family this, they still don't comprehend it and will ask if they've seen a photo they posted on their Facebook page?  Umm... no.  I can't see them, remember?

Anyway!  So my little town community page....

I just read a post where the person says;  "Will the person that owns the ____ (dogs) that live on the corner of Jay St. and 8th St. please message me?"

What I say out loud to my computer when I read this:

What makes you think the person that lives there HAS a Facebook account?

And what makes you think that the person that lives there and happens to have a Facebook account even visits this page?  

I just shake my head and click away.  Because I see things like this all the time.  These people do not realize there is a whole universe outside of Facebook.

"Selling this couch... please PM me!"
"Lost Dog!  I love him so much and he's my baby and his name is Rocky... if you see him please MESSAGE ME!"
"I do top notch work for indoor painting! Starting my new business!  Message me!"

Uh... if I see your dog, I have NO WAY TO LET YOU KNOW.  I can't message you.  I don't have Facebook and you neglected to leave a phone number.  I can't call you to hire you for a service.  I can't buy your couch... or loveseat or sports equipment or even your car that you want to sell... because you are asking people to message you as if that is the ONLY WAY YOU COMMUNICATE and you've forgotten that the rest of the world doesn't.