News Commentary

Utah teen attempting 'Bird Box' challenge crashes into another vehicle, could face charges https://fxn.ws/2FrE6C6
When I was watching Bird Box and this part of the movie came on, the first thing that came to mind was "I wonder how long before some idiots start to try this?"        

At least 5 killed in crashes related to powerful Winter Storm Gia https://fxn.ws/2Fu7h7v
STOP NAMING SNOW STORMS!!  My gosh, it's one thing to name hurricanes, but tropical storms and now, snow storms?  Stop the insanity.

Wyoming fugitive and prison guard said to have aided escape caught in Georgia: police https://fxn.ws/2FxyK8F
Every week there's a new story about prison guards aiding and abetting prisoners... or should I say "a bedding?"