Rambling over Coffee: Walmart's Search Engine (sucks)

I'm going to try to make this a really QUICK post because I could go on and on about how awful Walmart's search engine is all day long.

Preface:  Although some people don't feel at all bad about buying primarily from Amazon, I don't like to.  I like to shop locally at retail stores to try to give them business as I know it's hard to compete against an internet giant.  I also try to shop at smaller stores online (after making sure they are legit and not a Chinese knock off site, and that I can trust the site) but also I like to try give other big retail sites my business because I hate to see iconic retailers go under.  Even though I may not necessarily like Kmart or Sears for instance, I really hate to see them struggle and close down their stores because they were a big part of my childhood.

Ahh... I'm starting to ramble.  So to get back to where I was...  I WANT and NEED the best price for items I purchase because we are on tight budget and I can take 5-8 YEARS to buy things I'd really like to have just because we can't really afford them at the time.

Because I want and need the best price, I WILL do hours and hours of research for the same items at my local stores as well as allllll over the internet.  I compare prices, prices with shipping, prices with shipping and tax, etc.

Unfortunately I often end up buying at Amazon because, let's face it... their site and their search engine is (are?) VERY well done.  I can find most items so quickly, so easily and usually they are targeted to what I actually SEARCHED FOR.

Not so much at Walmart.

I want to give them a shot but every single time, I get so frustrated that I end up clicking away.  They MIGHT have the best price for something but I don't even know because I can't GET to the correct product 90% of the time.

If I do a search for "purple plates"  I'm going to get 9,000 items returned on my search that are things like "sewing needles" "red balloons" "saltine crackers" and "elephant baby blanket" before it ever GETS to my search for purple plates.  Also... half the time the item I searched for doesn't even show up on my search even though I know they have it. (Crap, that's another rant.  I'll save that one I guess but the point is I found it at my local store even though I verified 4-5 times their entire website said they didn't have it, didn't sell it and only 1 'third party' retailer sold them.  I FOUND THEM in the store the next day).

This morning I found some chairs that I was pricing on various sites and a google search showed me that Walmart carried them as well as the furniture stores, Amazon and Overstock, etc.

I am searching for the full backed dining chair.  The other style is a square 'half' backed chair.

Note their listing.....

See how it's a square half back?
But wait... now flip through a couple more pictures so you can see different angles of the same chair... that third image on the listing?


It's the full backed chair I am looking for... but it's on the listing with 2 other photos of the half backed chair.

SAME LISTING AND NO IT IS NOT AN "OPTION" when you order.  You can't order "either" the half or full back... 

And since the descriptions on Walmart suck, are completely wrong or are non-existent half the time, you really don't know WHAT kind of chair is for sale.

Is it the half back or full back?  (I'm guessing half... but again - the listing shows the wrong chair so, how do you know for sure until you order?)

But wait!  It gets better!!!

So, at the bottom of the page they always list similar items you might be interested it.

Hey look!  A similar chair under a different name...  wait.

That's not a similar chair under a different name... it's the same chair under a different name with a different price.

So the Furniture of America chair is also now called the Kingfisher Lane chair and look at the images!

AGAIN - the first two images are the half back square and the 3rd image is a DIFFERENT, full backed chair.


Again, the purchase options are NOT for either a full back or half back chair.
The purchase option is simply the quantity you want to put into your cart and purchase.

But... will you be getting the half backed chair or the full backed chair?

I guess you have to pay $250 to find out! 

... it's just the coffee talking again.