WHY in 2019 am I suddenly seeing and hearing "Black Betty" and Ram Jam for a couple days in a row, from completely different places?

Rambling over coffee:

I really do have fresh, hot coffee in front of me (well, it's almost gone now) at 6:pm so I'm truly rambling over coffee here.

I have never in my life liked 70's music.  It wasn't my era and growing up, there was nothing I liked about the 70's.  I thought the hairstyles were pathetic, the clothing was 'gross' and the music was disgusting.  I guess it was because of my age and the fact that I was an 80's kid.  I grew up on Bon Jovi, Poison, The Bangles... all 80's pop and rock.  It was only as an adult and in the last decade that I came to love 70's music as well.

But because of those reasons I suppose that's why I never had heard of a band named Ram Jam... and I didn't know the song 'Black Betty'.  (Although I've heard it before in my life... which I'll get to in a minute.)

So without knowing this band existed back in the 70's....
Never having heard of it...
And with NO reason that I know of why in the world it would come up NOW, in February of 2019...

I've suddenly came upon Black Betty by Ram Jam THREE TIMES in the last 2 days.  


It's not like this song or band is somehow popular again this month.
It's not like there is any reason I should have randomly come upon them.

The first time it was a side click on youtube as I was looking up a completely different music video  -  one that is popular TODAY in 2019 and is a completely different genre.  No big deal though on that one.  The weird ones are this...

When I'm bored I sometimes like to look through random blogs of people.
If they are using blogger, and they have an ABOUT ME page on their site, they often have a whole list of random blogs they 'like' and I will often just click on a couple of those.  Mostly, I tend to look at blogs that have things in common with me and are known as "Mom Blogs" or "Homesteading" style sites with stories about raising your own food, animals and such.

So randomly...  I click on a random blog, and from there click on another random blog - some of which haven't been updated or posted on since 2009 or 2006 or 2010, etc.  (In other words, their owners have LONG since forgotten about them and stopped blogging.)

And what do I find?


One posted the video and was talking about the clothing and hairstyles and music of that time - the 70's.  And also the origins of 'Black Betty' and how it was originally about a gun with a black stock, the term later take up by bikers who often name their motorcycles Black Betty, and later - if Betty is in fact a woman from Birmingham?  Yada yada.

The other posted photos and talked about how stupid it was that the lead singer was trying to sound like he was from the South and calling Alabama "Alabam" like he had a right to.  (Yeah... I don't know. His rant, not mine.)  He went on about a few things... but the point is -


Seriously, a band I've never heard of from 1977 with one hit that I recognize enough to know I've heard before at some point in my life but I've never actually listened to it, nor ever listened to the words... suddenly shows up in my life in 3 completely different, unrelated places.  By 3 unrelated persons talking about it or posting it and all posted at different times... like, 2012 and 2008.  

So it's not like someone on a talk show suddenly brought them or their song up, or one of the band members died or anything so it was 'current' news to chat about.


So if tomorrow I randomly come across another dead blog or website of someone talking about

Eh... ignore me.  It's just the coffee talking again.