12 Mini Single Cup Coffee Makers - Perfect for Your Office or Desk (or college dorm!)

This morning I was sitting in my office updating websites when I finished off my coffee. I wanted to brew a second hot, strong, black cup but I didn't want to stop working to go to the kitchen and do so.  I briefly thought "I should probably just get a coffee maker for my desk" quickly followed up with the thought "It sure would have to be small!" and then I realized I had today's coffee topic to ramble on about!

Search Amazon for coffee makers of all sizes and brand names

Our family already owns two small coffee makers.  I've spoken about them on Coffee Talking previously as we've owned them for a few years now but guess what?  They are still going strong and are used daily! 

We bought the first single cup brewer to take with us on vacations as at that time, most rentals and rooms still were using the traditional carafe style brewers.  It was so easy to pack in our luggage and took up very little room - the payoff was immediate!

We soon sent that coffee brewer with my husband to his workplace to use in his office.  I've never seen it since! Ha.  He loves having his own coffee brewer in his office so he doesn't have to stop what he's doing to head to the employee area to drink tepid 'carafe' coffee.  This was about 6 years ago now and although he brews on average, four cups a day, it's still going strong and working great.

When our daughter went off to college we invested in another single cup brewer.  As most know, dorm rooms are tiny!  She needed one that could fit on the top of her little single bookshelf.  No problem!  We bought her a coffee maker as well and since there is no big reserve tank for water, the space needed for the small machines is only just bigger than the size of a coffee mug itself.

That child has now graduated college, moved out into her own place and the coffee maker went with her.  Used daily, it's still working just as well as the day she got it back as a college Freshman.

These little brewers seem to work better than the big expensive versions.  Less to go wrong!  And since they don't have standing water in them like the larger versions do, you don't get the mineral build up the big machines do.
I popped over to Amazon to look at some of their small single brewers and this one caught my eye immediately because of it's bright turquoise color.  I think I'm more ready for SPRING than I realized because normally I'm a neutral, white and black kind of girl.  This brand actually came listed in 4 colors, including a bright lime green and red!

When looking for single cup brewers to feature on It's Just the Coffee Talking, I decided I wanted to make sure I had all different brands, different styles, a few different color options but mostly... different budgets!

While there are some people who could buy a coffee brewer and never even look at the cost either way, I'm not one of them.  Luckily, when it comes to brewers, there are even a couple down to the $20 price range!  I think the most expensive on the list (prices as of this mornings posting anyway) top out around $80.

The one in the photo to the left here is found at this link: Kitchen Selectives Colors Single Serve Coffee Maker - Teal

The brewers featured in the photos below are a variety of brands, colors, styles and sizes.  But all are small.  Some are made specifically to fit a travel mug for 'on the go' coffee while others are adaptable by removing the tray.  Some have a smaller opening for those most likely to drink from their coffee mug right at their desk or use a smaller travel mug or styrofoam cup.

I found all of these at Amazon, where you can read their individual product descriptions and see reviews by real customers as well as reading the questions and answers FAQ. 

For an even larger search, including other sized coffee brewers with water reservoirs, here is a link to search for all brands, styles and sizes - coffee makers on Amazon.