Ah yes... that vintage white, Mickey Mouse t-shirt (The night I met my husband)

I love when something out of the blue gives me a memory flashback... a good one anyway!  And this afternoon, I just had one.  Since I was needing to update It's Just The Coffee Talking anyway, it was good timing!

I was online glancing through some news stories when I saw this ad on the side of my page.  I immediately recognized the t-shirt first.  I had that t-shirt!  And I recognized the actress as well, although I had to think for about 20 or 30 seconds which movie she was from.

Here is the ad that caught my attention due to the Mickey Mouse t-shirt....

Granted, just seeing one of my old 1980's t-shirts was cool, because I hadn't thought about that t-shirt in years but I can't say that seeing it is what made me smile.  No, it would be the memory that came with it.

That white, Mickey Mouse t-shirt is what I was wearing the night I met my would-be-husband!

I was a teenager, barely 15 - and although I had been wearing a different outfit earlier in the day, I had decided to spray paint some balloons black, not realizing the spray paint would pop the balloons.  I ended up with black paint speckled all over me.

On to outfit number two.  The second outfit, I really don't remember.  For good reason.  Because it was overshadowed by the next part of my day, which was crashing a 4-wheeler.

After a trip to the hospital emergency room, some gravel dug out of my arms, back home with no broken bones, I had changed into a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a pair of too small turquoise satin shorts.  It was the 80's so too-small satin shorts were the 'in' thing back then.  Think WHAM "Wake Me up Before you Go Go" music video clothes... yeah, we really did dress like that.

And later that evening, in my white Mickey Mouse t-shirt and turquoise shorts, a bunch of friends stopped by my house to say hey and hang out.  And one of those guys, was the newly licensed 16 year old that drove them... and he was destined to be my husband.

So yeah, that white Mickey Mouse t-shirt that Kirsten Baker was wearing when she played Terry in Friday the 13th is the same exact t-shirt I happened to be wearing when my future husband stopped by my home with a group of friends and I officially met him and talked with him for the first time.

I love unexpected and random good memories popping up during the day!  Hadn't thought of this t-shirt in years...  literally years and years!


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