Coffee Pots, Landline Phones, Disk Drives.... all going the way of the dinosaurs but I like them!

Over the past 2 months I've had to make many purchases on a 'secondary' account debit card that we don't typically use as it's not our household account.  It's mostly used on vacation, large house repairs, etc.  And although I'm thankful for fraud departments at banks, I'm frustrated as heck with this particular bank because they are idiots.  So when my purchases are denied and my card is frozen, they do not let me know for 24 hours.  I've tried calling THEM at their fraud line immediately when I see a purchase isn't going through... and they always tell me I've called too soon; that I've called even before they know about it.  (This is 45 minutes AFTER it's been denied).  I've logged into my account online to see if I can approve it that way, nothing.

And to make it worse, when I've tried to verify who I am with their Asian, non-English speaking customer service department, I've spent 45 minutes on the phone with them giving them every bit of information about me - so much so that they could take out loans in my name, buy a house and cars in my name... they knew EVERYTHING about me except maybe my favorite FOOD and still couldn't verify it was me because even though my current cell phone number is ON MY ACCOUNT, they were secretly calling my OLD cell phone number to verify it was me.

Yeah... so she tells me she going to send a text to the phone number on my account.  I tell her there are 3 numbers on the account.  And the one I'm speaking to her on is a landline - because we don't get very good cell reception where I live.  

She agrees in the "I don't speak English and what you said is not on my script so I really don't know what you are saying but I'll agree with you and keep repeating 'yes, I am pleased and happy to help you with that' over and over again but have no idea what you are saying" way. 

I verify the cell phone number she is sending the text to.
I get no text.
She and I go back and forth for 10 minutes (a 45 minute call at this point and all I'm trying to do is approve a $100 purchase online, which I've given her every single bit of information about me, my husband, the store I'm trying to use it on, the exact amount the purchase is... she has our names, address, birthdates, social security numbers... everything!  But she is now telling me they can still only verify through this TEXT she is sending with a code.)

After 10 minutes of me sitting here with my cell phone in my hand, that she has sent 2 texts to; I ask her if she's sent it to the number we are talking on instead?  Because NOTHING is coming through on my cell.  She stumbles and bumbles and I finally get her to realize what I've been telling her for 10 minutes; this is a landline.

HONEST TO GOD, I DON'T THINK SHE KNEW WHAT A LANDLINE WAS.  She is young (20's) and from an Asian country where cellphones are the norm... the twit did not realize what I was saying with landline even though I explained it to her.  A light bulb FINALLY went off in her head (or someone there explained it to her) because she finally, in broken English, said, "OH!  A land line. Yes. And you cannot get text messages on that line."

Well, anyway... that wasn't even the issue.  The issues is that she was lying to me anyway.  She never sent a text.  She had called an OLD cellphone number on our account (not the one I verified with her, that was in my hand, and that we had been waiting for 10+ minutes for her text to come through on).  In frustration, I told her I would go get my OLD cellphone from the bedroom, that we rarely use and I would have her resend to that number.

Bingo.  There was no text.  But there was a voicemail... from her.

This whole time she had been lying to me and had called that phone number - once she heard her own voicemail (I turned it up loud and made her listen to it while I told her she LIED TO ME AND WASTED MY TIME by telling me to wait for a text on my other number).  All she would have had to do was ask me to verify THAT 3rd phone number on the account or asked me if there was another cell phone I could check (after she figured out a land line means you can't get texts on it) WE COULD HAVE SAVED ALMOST AN HOUR OF B.S.

All that for a $100 purchase online.

Anyway.  So I've gone through issues with this bank and trying to use my card for purchases and being denied, about 6 times now in 2+ months.

And although I didn't mean to tell that whole story, the point is... she didn't know what a LAND LINE WAS and didn't think anyone had them anymore.

Uh, yes, when you live in an area that does not get reliable cell phone reception, it's safest to have a backup.  It's called a land line.

And this week my old laptop, which I love, has started to show me that it's wanting to be used less and that I should probably get a younger model.  The thing is, I travel with this laptop, I take it everywhere with me; including the cross country road trips and camping and when visiting extended family members.  When it's evening and I'm in the middle of nowhere I love to grab my FRIENDS dvd's and watch old episodes or a favorite movie DVD.


And while I've started looking at new laptops online, I've come to find that my beloved disk drives are going the way of the dinosaurs.  Becoming extinct.

Obsolete.  Nooooooo!  (And to make it worse; I really LOVE Toshiba Satellite laptops and Toshiba stopped making those as well...  I just can't win.)

I do not want to drag around an external disk drive when I am traveling.  As a matter of fact, when I visit a particular family member, I just make sure I have a FRIENDS episode disk in the drive already and leave it there.  I know I don't have to drag around a case or anything extra and when they go to bed at 8:pm and everything is shut down for the night (yep... 8:pm) that I have the option of holing up in my little guest bed with my laptop and watching beloved Friends episodes before grabbing my ereader and reading until I get tired enough to sleep.

But internal disk drives along with the media storage drive are disappearing....  apparently no one but me wants both a land line AND a disk drive.

But wait!  It's get worse!

So apparently, channeling the inner 60 year old women living somewhere deep inside me...  I also have started to look for a regular, old coffee pot this week and guess what?  No one buys those anymore either!  Ha ha.

   I have an old, cheap coffee maker that I like to drag out if I have a number of people over at one time and need more coffee than my little single-cup brewer can make in 10 minutes; or I dread that many people using up my uber expensive k-cups OR they are people who actually LIKE the taste of 'pot coffee' which is what I call the old style coffee brewers that use a paper filter and brew into a 12 cup 'pot' carafe.  Yes, that would be my parents and my father in law who even go so far as to use Folger's pre-ground.  OMG.  It tastes like cigarette ashes... but where was I?

Oh.  So I had one, but someone borrowed it and then they broke the glass carafe.  And it's a brand that doesn't even exist anymore that I know of.  I got it on sale at Best Buy for a few bucks as an 'add-on" purchase when I was buying something else.  So I can't find the odd shaped carafe anymore to replace it.

And we have some really awesome ground coffee that was gifted to us that is very good, but it's a pain to use the little reuseable k-cups when you want 3 cups of coffee in about 15 minutes so I want to have the old, traditional CHEAP coffee brewer like my 90 year old father in law would have....  and darnit!  Those are getting hard to find too!  Ha ha.

Everyone has the single-cup brewers nowadays.  And I get that, I do too!  But that 12 cup coffee maker is going to come in handy as an option when my house is filled with 25 people sleeping here for a big gathering we have coming up in a few weeks.

While I was searching for a cheap coffee maker online yesterday it occurred to me, in the past 2 weeks I've discovered that my LANDLINE, my INTERNAL DISK DRIVE LAPTOP and my COFFEE POT are all items that are disappearing from the face of the earth... but are things that I'm grasping on to with my little fists and refusing to give up.  Because apparently I'm secretly a 65 year old women inside! Ha!

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