From the News... it's a little creepy when you think about it

From the news this week:  Buzzfeed

Now there’s one more place where cameras could start watching you — from 30,000 feet.

Talk about creeping on you 'up close and personal'... and the seat to seat video conferencing they use as one excuse? Yeah, because being seated next to someone holding a noisy video conference in the plane just inches away from you is a GREAT way to spend a flight.

Newer seat-back entertainment systems on some airplanes operated by American Airlines and Singapore Airlines have cameras, and it’s likely they are also on planes used by other carriers.

American and Singapore both say they have never activated the cameras and have no plans to use them. However, companies that make the entertainment systems are installing cameras to offer future options such as seat-to-seat video conferencing, according to an American Airlines spokesman.

A passenger on a Singapore flight posted a photo of the seat-back display this week, and the tweet was shared several hundred times.