It's just the coffee talking again....

It's just the coffee talking again....

Is 'Random Tuesday Thoughts' still a thing?  Because tonight I have no idea what I'm going to post about... I'm just going to sit here and type.  And it's Tuesday.  And there used to be a thing called "Random Tuesday Thoughts".

I was like, um, 10 years ago?  In the blogging world that is.  Because yes, I was blogging back then. I've been blogging since before 'blog' was a word.  Before the roots of blog (web log) was a word.  Back when no one knew what to call it.  In 1998 I built my first website from scratch by teaching myself HTML code - and called my site "my homepage".  Later I called it my 'site' because I thought the word "web log" was stupid and the shortened version "blog" one of the ugliest words I had ever heard. That was a long time ago....

Actually... CoffeeTalking was pretty big back in the day.  Pretty large following of readers, comments, on all the top blog rolls.  Invited to the very, very, very first ever BlogHer - and back then, no one even know what that was... or what it would/could be anyway.  Was that 2005-ish?   (No, I never went that first year and then the next year they actually kicked me out of BlogHer because I had OTHER COMPANIES ADS on my site.  GASP!  Yep, I have NO IDEA what they do now or if they even still run their own ads/logos or what... but back in the day, they wanted their ads and ONLY THEIR ADS on someone's page.  If you so much as THOUGHT about blogging for another company or getting paid by any other company for an ad or review on your page... BOOM the ax would fall.  You got a very snarky little email informing you that you couldn't sit at their table!  You had to take your lunch and go find your own 'new' table because they were... exclusive.)

At that time I was making enough money blogging that I was able to quit my not so awesome part time job and just blog full and still make my SUV payment. For a short time (before a LOT of things in the blogging world changed) I was making good money without "working" because I LOVED writing so it wasn't work to me.  It was fun and I was paid well for it.  But then some things in the blogging world changed a million kazillion bajillion people 'discovered' starting their own blogs and then India and China discovered blogging and well... soon it got a little harder to make money with the two companies I was working with so I slowly just stopped with the whole 'paid' thing - discontinued ALL my affiliate marketing and ads and cut off everything. And then I got a 'real' job again.

Actually for a year or two, Coffee Talking completely shut down.  100% down.  After a time I drug it out, dusted it off and started it up again but by that time my kids were older and old enough I was starting to feel weird about telling stories about them and our family and didn't want to post any photos of them.

Ah, poor Coffee Talking.  Has never been the same since.  But I did decide to do the Amazon ad thing so that's the only company I have ads from right now - makes it easier for taxes too.  So... shameless plug - if you need or plan to buy anything from Amazon, please pretty please consider clicking on them from my site?  Even if you want to buy a... Snuggie.  Or an Engelbert Humperdinck music cd... or a size 52FFF bra or a new Viking Range for your kitchen... anything.  I don't know who you are or what you buy - but I'd be thankful if you did it through my site as that $.03 I may make off the sale can go to pay for my .com renewal each year!  Ha ha.

Dang.  NONE of this is what I kind of thought I'd be blogging about!

Things that had filtered through my head before I opened the editor were;

  • Family names from a couple hundred years of your family history...
  • Local town and city Facebook pages where people pretend to post 'caring' questions which in reality are so blatantly BEGGING for the latest gossip it's sickening
  • Drama queens online
  • Morphing words and names to make a new word/name and how much I HATE HATE HATE this.  Did it all start with the Brad and Jennifer and then Brad and Angelina thing?  Is that when it really started to take off?  It seems like Bennifer was the first time I started to notice and OMGosh it just never STOPPED after that.  WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND THINKS THOSE STUPID BLENDED NAMES AND WORDS ARE CUTE???  Idiots. People who are too lazy to say both names or both words. That's who.
  • How hap hap happy I am that we are a cat-less family.  We WERE a cat family.  Then they passed away from old age at 15-ish years old.  And after 15+ years of owning 2 cats - I realized the awesomeness of being a 'no cat' family.  I could open the door without automatically blocking the doorway with my foot, slipping out and slamming the door before Sam snuck out!  I could have WHITE chair cushions and a WHITE couch for the first time and the girl cat wasn't going to get spots and stains on it.  (She was our urinary tract QUEEN.  Even the vet pretty much gave up on her and told us she's just basically going to get then ALL THE TIME and it's going to be a part of her life.  The other cat?  Got like, two his entire long life).  I could have FLOWERS out on the TABLE and NO ONE WAS GOING TO EAT THEM!!!!  Our window blind cords could exist without being eaten and chewed too short to function.  (Each cat their issues - neither of them did the same things...).  The boy cat, even though he was fixed, still loved to put his butt up against the baseboard and wall and pee all over it.  Thereby soaking cat urine into the wood and staining the heck out of the walls, baseboards, linoleum laundry room floor.  
  • People (IRL) that just seem to always be fighting and not speaking to someone at at all times.  I hosted a Christmas 'shin-dig' and had to take a guests father off the guest list because he was fighting with them that week and not speaking.  I don't know how you can go through life fighting and arguing with people literally 24/7.  Always hating at least 1, 2, 10 people at a time.  Family members, neighbors, coaches... 
That's probably enough for now.  Boy, could I go on.

But... I've wasted just enough time.  As now it's time to let my dogs out for their last bathroom break of the night before bed and then I can blessedly head to bed myself and read myself to sleep.