So... the newest "ghost caught on camera" story going viral and making some people big bucks... I believe in ghosts but I call BS on this one.

Have you seen this one?

Michigan couple claims they captured a 'ghost' on nanny cam after baby appears to have deep scratches on her face

Source(s) I read it first on Yahoo - which stated and linked that they got it from  here:  DailyMail. 

A Michigan couple believes they captured a “ghost” on their baby’s nanny-cam after their daughter woke up with three purple scratches on her face. 

A young couple in Michigan claims that their home is possibly haunted by a malicious ghost after their daughter appeared to have three deep “purple scratches” on her face. They also believe they have captured the poltergeist on their nanny cam.

Now, they’re ready to move out.

Heather Brough, 25, and her fiancé, Josh Higgins, 30, set up the camera after they discovered the purple scratches on their one-year-old, Lily. They believe what they captured on the camera can only be described as a ghost.

Upon reviewing the footage, the couple believes they saw a male figure walk quickly past Lily’s crib, as she pops up and watches him move through the room, before the alleged spirit vanishes in midair.
According to the Daily Mail, a paranormal investigator, called in to look into their claims, confirmed their home was haunted.

The couple currently resides in Higgins’ mother’s guest house in Highland, Michigan. According to the mother, Kris, before the couple moved in, an elderly lady lived there. Tragically, she lay with a broken hip for “a very long time” before she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Then, her “schizophrenic brother” lived in the home until his death a few years later.

“This is a spirit — I don’t know what its intentions are, but at this point it’s becoming physically harmful. This has made us want to leave as soon as possible. As soon as possible we’re out of here,” Brough told the outlet.
Brough reports that leading up to this event the family has heard sounds of screaming, stomping, and laughing. Brough, herself, has been awoken by what sounds like a man shouting. Until they find their new home, the couple has decided to never leave their daughter alone in a room.


I'm open to the idea of ghosts/spirits/something.  I've lived in a haunted house as a child, and over the past few decades had many strange things happen that are unexplained.  So it's not that I'm being rude or I'm a die-hard unbeliever...  but I DO call 'bs' on this story.

First off - babies and toddlers scratch themselves ALL THE TIME.  Even deep scratches.  That is why baby 'mittens' are sold; because from day one out of the womb they scratch themselves accidentally.  And toddlers absolutely do.  I 100% believe the one-year-old little girl in this story scratched her own face.  Another reason kids can wake with scratches is if they are sleeping on a feather pillow.  My son woke with new scratches on his face when he was about 12 years old and we finally figured out it was the new feather pillows I was 'reviewing' for a company.  My son was a deep sleeper - good luck trying to wake him during the night for anything!  So he never felt them but we figured it out, went back to his old pillow and it was solved.

Besides, do you really think a ghost is going to be all like, "Hey!  There is a random little baby!  I think I'm going to scratch her face for no reason at all!"  (And most adult males don't even have fingernails long enough TO scratch someone - they bite them or keep them clipped pretty short.  And do ghosts even HAVE the ability to scratch?  They are... spirits after all...)

So, between the normal activity of babies and toddlers ALWAYS coming up with scratches on their faces for seemingly no reason because that's what they do.  They scratch their faces - even deep scratches. Let's move on.

Second - What brand camera is this?  I happen to know from personal experience that NEST brand cameras have 'phantom apparitions' show up because many times; it's replaying the last image(s) or an old image - even if you don't subscribe to the recording feature.

As a matter of fact, I had a heart stopping moment just a few months ago when this happened.  My husband and I were the only ones home and it was night time so our cameras were on night vision mode.  He was in the family room on the other side of the house, in his chair, watching television and answering work emails on his ipad.  I was in the office but was going to let our dogs out the back door in the living room. 

Right before I stood up to go call the dogs and let them 'out' I opened the camera app up on my phone and set it down on the desk, walked into our living room, let out the dogs and walked back to office.  I picked up my phone and my heart started to beat faster when I saw I had 'alerts' on the camera that I assumed were me, but when I swiped up to look at the history of the last minute or two, there was clearly a man in shorts and a t-shirt standing at the door, looking towards the camera right as I was walking into the EMPTY ROOM.  

I never saw anyone, never felt anything but according to the timestamp on our camera, I should have been looking right at him as I entered the room and walked THROUGH HIM to open the door.

As I looked at the images, there were empty images, suddenly he was there, stood there, then vanished. 

One of my brothers and I talk about some of the strange things that happen in our lives and debunk them or solve them - instead of jumping to 'ghost' conclusions right away.  So these images are from the images I sent him right after it happened....

I have two cellphones so I had it open on one and was video recording for my brother, the 'alerts' of this person in our living room... and these are some screenshots from that.

 There was no one in that room at the time.
I was in the open, adjoining office and my husband was across the house in the family room
and had been there for a couple hours.
Also, my husband was wearing jeans, socks and a long sleeve shirt.
The man in this image is in shorts and a short sleeved shirt and is barefoot.


A close up of the strange man who showed up on my security camera.... the time stamp is right before I was walking into the room to go to the door he is standing in front of, to let our dogs out.  I saw no one at all.  I let the dogs out, went back to my office, picked up my phone and saw these "your camera has spotted someone" alerts.

I do not believe it was ghost.
What I DO believe is that when I opened the security camera app on my phone and laid it down on the desk and then walked into this room, the camera briefly showed an image from some point in the previous few days? Weeks? Of what was probably my husband.  It showed it briefly, then reset and started to record live again. 

The image does resemble my husband in many ways, including how his feet are turned out at odd angles, as this is a result of his legs being casted for the first year of his life, as he was born with two club feet.  The stance of the man in the image is what leads me to believe it's just NEST grabbing an old image for a few seconds as I opened the camera app up.  Doing a fairly quick 'google' search I found MANY people with NEST brand cameras who have had phantom images pop up and disappear on their cameras.  Nothing paranormal about it.

THIRD - I clicked on the original video upload on YouTube and... people are making $$$$$ money off this video.  A company is paying for videos like this so faking it or even using a real video and claiming it's not 'you' on the video means really, nothing at all.  I also read in a comment below the article that this young couple who originally posted it are now promoting their business through it?  I didn't bother with that topic any more, but one of the comments mentioned it.

When there is money to be made on something... ALWAYS proceed with caution.  Also, attention.  Being Instagram famous and getting your 15 minute of fame on YouTube is HUGE HUGE HUGE.  The need for attention these days is unbelievable... so again... meh.

I also have found that people with REAL unexplained things going on in their homes or lives, don't shout it from the mountain tops.  Legit sightings and strange things are usually quietly kept to yourself, or shared with your family members, close friends... that's about it.  I am not sure why, but in the past 40 years, this, I have found to be true over and over.  Stories and shared in small groups when the conversations come up or often, people have kept quiet about it. 

Anyway... my time to "ramble over coffee' is actually up.  It was up long ago but this post took longer to type out than I wanted it to.  Even though I have more to say on the subject!  Ha ha.

But bottom line?

NOPE.  Not believing this one.  Baby scratched herself in her sleep or on a toy, etc. and the image?  Legit person (DAD?) walking through the room.