Well, duh! Someone stole my mittens!

Clicking around the internet I came across a pretty old random blog that had a photo of a fluffy pair of white mittens.  Adult mittens.  Mittens that I suddenly remembered I HAD A PAIR OF JUST LIKE THAT.

I was a poor 16 year old - poor as in monetarily poor.  Unlike some kids who had parents actually buy them necessities, I had been purchasing my own clothes, shampoo, deodorant, makeup and what-not since I was starting 8th grade. And I did this on a whopping $1 an hour babysitting income I could get working my butt off every weekend, and then managed to get a cashiering job at a local store in our tiny town for $3.35 an hour.

And I had bought myself a pair of white mittens that I luuuuuuuuuved.  I was so happy about those mittens because I rarely had anything new or cool or anything at all really.  I had a friend with very generous parents who boasted she could wear a completely different outfit every day of her life right down to the socks and underwear and never once have to repeat any part of our ensemble.  Me?  Well, I hoped no one noticed I wore my yellow and white Coca-Cola shirt twice this week.  (I was soooo proud of that shirt.  I saved up enough to buy one - just like all the cool, rich kids in school had).

(I had a yellow and white one... and for Christmas I bought my boyfriend a blue and white one - believe me, these were SO COOL at the time!)  That shirt took 36 hours of babysitting to earn!

But I got sidetracked.
This post isn't about my yellow and white Coca-Cola shirt.
It's about the white mittens I bought.
And I loved.
And I felt like I owned something just like the cool kids had.
Because the cheerleaders at our school also had similar mittens.
But the sad part of my story is that I only got to use them for like, 2 months?
Because suddenly I couldn't find them.

I remember looking for them all over my room, my house and my car.
I recall thinking I might have lost them at my friend Nicole's house but I never found them there either.

I suppose over time I forgot about them and stopped looking.

I haven't thought about my white mitten in years.
Like, decades worth of years.

But this afternoon when I saw that post on a random old blog from the early 2000's, I instantly realized something.
Someone probably stole my mittens.
It's kind of a 'duh' moment - of course.  Especially since they were very thick, comfortable, cute, bright white, ultra-popular at the time and... new.
And they disappeared.

And yeah, someone probably did steal them.

I can't believe it's taken me, like 30 years to figure that out.

Meh...  it's just the coffee talking again.