Photo of a storm cloud moving in - taken from my hotel room

This morning over coffee I'm avoiding the news... I want to enjoy my coffee first! 
I was looking over some photos I took when I was traveling last spring and found this one.  It says "this looks interesting" on it because I snapchatted it to my husband and kids.

Such an awesome and fast moving storm coming in to the right... with the sun going down at the same time to the left of the photo. 



When Vudu Puts "DATE NIGHT" reviews under the movie "MARY MAGDALENE" - talk about confusing!

Source:  Vudu - https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/Mary-Magdalene/1078437

Tonight I clicked over to Vudu, trying to decide if I wanted to watch a movie before bed or not.  I saw the movie "Mary Magdalene" listed and because I hadn't heard of it or knew it was being released, I decided to click on it to read the description (to know which way the director might choose to take this particular biblical story), who was playing in it and what the reviews said.

Boy was I confused!

The cast looked great, but I was confused about the story line of the movie when I started to read some of the reviews listed.

"A reasonably amusing way to pass Saturday night with a significant other"

Amusing?  A way to pass Saturday night with your significant other? Umm... that's weird.

"immensely funny and appealing stars outshine the pedestrian material..." 

Whaaaaat?  Funny? A story about Mary Magdalene?  And 'pedestrian material'?  I'm SO confused.  I'm pretty sure this is NOT a sitcomish movie.  It's a biblical story about a woman who decides to follow the Lord.  HOW is this immensely funny?

"In the hands of say, a Greg Kinnear and Sarah Jessica Parker, the thing could be a disaster.  It's not.  Not by a long shot."   

Well... yeah, I don't think Greg Kinnear and Sarah Jessica Parker would be good to play Jesus and Mary Magdalene either but, seriously?

Where are these reviews coming from?

You can click on the images to make them full size

I clicked to view "more" by scrolling and looky there!  I found a review that reads like it might actually be from the right movie!!!  "An act of faith told simply"

So... maybe these reviews ARE for Mary Magdalene after all.

"Mr. Carell and Ms. Fey might have been able to pull it off - if they had only been permitted to try." 

Oh hell no.  They can't possibly be in this movie.

So at that point, I did a search for the cast and crew of "Mary Magdalene" just to make SURE those two aforementioned were NOT in this movie.  (They aren't.)

If you look at the image above you'll see a review that says "In three or four scenes, they get a rhythm going, but the editing is smash and bash.  Shawn Levy is not a director who honors performers rhythms."

Well, I knew Shawn Levy did not produce this movie, so I ran a google search on that quote.

It's a direct quote... for the movie "DATE NIGHT".  


So... apparently there are a few legit reviews sprinkled between numerous misplaced "Date Night" reviews.  Because Date Night is certainly not "Mary Magdalene" even if some yahoo at VUDU decided to sprinkle the reviews together under the listing.  

I highly doubt Mary Magdalene is 'amusing' or funny as some of the reviews read; and although I've never seen 'Date Night' I venture to guess it might have a few amusing scenes.


My Coffee Nook at Home: My 6 compartment wood coffee organizer for cups, lids, creamer and more

Although we've had a little 'coffee nook' at home in a small counter space between our built-in oven/microwave and the refrigerator, I've never had an organizer that holds coffee condiments like sweeteners, creamers or sugar because we don't use them. 

We do however use travel mugs and lids sometimes and typically they were stacked in a single stack tucked behind the iCoffee brewer in the photo.   I've always loved the look of the wood coffee organizers you see in coffee houses, but it's never been a priority to get one for my own home.  It's been a 'oh cool, I'd love to have that...' thought but I never really felt the need to part with the money to get one.  I guess maybe I thought they were more expensive than they really are.

Next month we are hosting a large number of house guests, many of whom are coffee drinkers.  It was the perfect time to prioritize one of my 'someday' wishes... and get my coffee organizer! 

The one I bought is a 6 compartment version.  I liked the bigger style with more compartments but this one was perfect for what I had pictured and the space I wanted to put it in. 

Mind Reader 6 Compartment Coffee Condiment and Cup Storage Organizer

  • 6 compartments holds all your Coffee and tea condiments
  • Holds Sugars, creamers, stirrers, napkins, tea bags, cups, lids and more
  • Compact design Fits on desks, countertops, tables and other surfaces
  • Open view allows you to choose your favorite serving
  • Dimensions: 6.57 (L) x 11.65 (W) x 13.46 (H)

It is bamboo, so it's not extremely thick wood and the two pieces of the top and bottom compartments are glued and stapled together at the factory where it's made, but when mine arrived it had broke apart.  A little wood glue and weight to hold it in place while it dried fixed it good as new.

I've had nothing but compliments and 'ooh's and ahh's' about it since I put it in the kitchen and I absolutely love it.  We don't use the creamers or sweetener packets, but my guests will.  Once they are gone I will probably just fill all three bottom compartments with k-cups.  

If wood, natural or 'brown' isn't your thing, it also comes in black.

For those of you wondering what the flavored coffee foam in the pump container in the center is, it's just a fun little flavored addition I thought my guests would enjoy.  I don't like flavored hot coffee but I love this on my homemade iced coffee!  It's Jordan's Skinny Gourmet whipped foam topping and I bought the Birthday Cake flavor - which I use my "birthday cake flavored ice coffee" along with a dash of sugar free vanilla.  OHH SO GOOD.  There are so many flavors available too!  You can find them online Amazon (link below) or sometimes you can stumble across them in stores like TJMaxx.  I decided on Birthday Cake flavor, but I also bought the rainbow Unicorn Sweet and Sour version to use in lemonade.

Link: ** Jordan's Skinny Gourmet Whipped Foam Topping

This is the one I bought with 6 compartments but there are SO many other versions, styles and colors available.

Mind Reader 6 Compartment Bamboo Upright Coffee Breakroom Condiment and Cup Storage Organizer, Brown

Like this 7 compartment version that is longer but not as wide and works for smaller spaces.

Mind Reader Coffee Condiment and Accessories Organizer, 7 Compartments, Brown

And the 3 tiered upright version which I would have gotten for our space, except I wanted the cup holder.

Mind Reader Coffee Condiment and Accessories Caddy Organizer, Bamboo Brown

Love this one!  One of my adult kids is crushing on 'my' organizer.  If I give in and give it to her, this is the one I'll probably replace it with.

Mind Reader 11 Compartment Coffee Condiment Organizer, Brown Bamboo
  • The organizer will hold all of your serving essentials, including sugar, cups, stirrers, napkins, creamers and  K-Cups
  • Clean and modern design perfect for any break room or lunchroom
  • This unit is easy to clean and built to last with attention to detail and superior materials
  • Holds up to 64 drinking cups
  • Perfect for offices with 100 or less employees
  • Dimensions: 9.53 (L) x 18.19 (W) x 6.5 (H)


News: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's response to the mass murder of more than 300 Christians and others in Sri Lanka

Creative writing to avoid using the word Christians.
I never thought I'd live to see the day when this would start to be the new normal but it looks like it's here. 

And this editorial I read by Mr. Prager hit more than a few nails on the head. You can follow the link to read the whole article, but I was especially interested in the part about the actual tweets Obama and Clinton sent out after the attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka.  Christians... not just "Easter worshippers".

Come on... you can say it!  C H R I S T I A N S.  LOL.  Then again, maybe they are afraid they'll burst into flame if they say the 'C' word. 

SOURCE:  https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/04/sri-lanka-bombings-anti-christian-terrorism/
By Dennis Prager

April 23, 2019 6:30 AM

"..... That is why it is important to understand Clinton and Obama’s tweets: to understand the Left, not to understand her or him.

Here are the tweets:

Obama: “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.”

Three hours later, Clinton tweeted: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.”

As they both spelled “worshipers” the same idiosyncratic way and used the term “Easter worshippers,” it is likely that either they had the same writers or Clinton copied Obama.

Here’s what’s critical: Neither used the word “Christians.” And in order to avoid doing so, they went so far as to make up a new term — “Easter worshippers” — heretofore unknown to any Christian.

When Jews were murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Clinton mentioned the synagogue in a tweet. But in her post–Sri Lanka tweet, despite the bombing of three churches filled with Christians, Clinton made no mention of church or churches. In a tweet after the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand, she wrote that her heart broke for “the global Muslim community.” But in her latest tweet, not a word about Christians or the global Christian community.

Obama similarly wrote in his tweet about New Zealand that he was grieving with “the Muslim community” over the “horrible massacre in the Mosques.” But in his tweet about Sri Lanka, there is no mention of Christians or churches.
The reason neither of them mentioned Christians or churches is that the Left has essentially forbidden mention of all the anti-Christian murders perpetrated by Muslims in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and of all the Muslim desecration of churches in Europe, Africa, and anywhere else. This is part of the same phenomenon — that I and others have documented — of British police and politicians covering up six years of rape of 1,400 of English girls by Muslim “grooming gangs” in Rotherham and elsewhere in England.

Essentially, the Left’s rule is that nothing bad — no matter how true — may be said about Muslims or Islam and nothing good — no matter how true — may be said of Christians or Christianity.

Clinton’s post–New Zealand tweet also included these words: “We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms. White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped.”

She made sure to condemn “Islamophobia,” but she wrote not a word about the far more destructive and widespread hatred of Christians in the Muslim world, seen in Muslims’ virtual elimination of the Christian communities in the Middle East, the regular murder and kidnappings of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and the murder of Christians in Nigeria. She calls on “leaders everywhere” to condemn “white supremacist terrorists,” one of the smallest hate groups on Earth, but never calls on leaders everywhere to condemn Islamist terrorists, the largest hate group on Earth.
These two tweets tell you a lot about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But far more importantly, they tell you a lot about the Left.

Not so long ago, you accidentally break a thermometer, you cleaned up. Now, the hazmat team is dispatched and people to go the hospital

I just finished reading a news story that was "BREAKING" - so I thought it was going to be something big. Something important.

It was leading off with the headlines of the city HAZMAT TEAM being called out to the local high school.  That does sound pretty big, and I was enjoying my coffee with a little time to spare reading the news so I read the next few lines.

Suddenly it wasn't big news anymore.  And then, it just got ridiculous.

The "MERCURY SPILL" at the high school that warranted the city hazmat team out for clean up... was due to a broken thermometer.

A broken thermometer.

"Most oral and rectal thermometers contain about 0.5-0.6 grams of mercury. Mercury is not absorbed through intact skin or from a healthy digestive tract in amounts that would cause toxic effects. Therefore, harmful effects would not be expected from swallowing or touching the small amount of mercury from a broken thermometer." - The National Poison Control Center

Just for kicks I looked up the EPA's thoughts on cleaning up spilled mercury.

WHOA!!!  BRACE YOURSELF because this is freaking insane... as in insanely stupid.  The government has proven over and over again that NOTHING they do is simple.  Taking something simple and making it difficult is what they do best.  So here is what you do for a tiny mercury spill.

Items Needed to Clean Up a Small Mercury Spill:

  1. 4-5 zip locking plastic bags
  2. trash bags (2 to 6 mils thick)
  3. rubber, nitrile or latex gloves
  4. paper towels
  5. cardboard or squeegee
  6. eyedropper
  7. duct tape, or shaving cream and small paint brush
  8. flashlight or small task light
  9. optional: powdered sulfur
    • Do not worry if you don't have this available. 
    • The sulfur binds to the mercury and makes clean-up easier. It is sometimes found in the gardening departments at hardware stores, near the fertilizer, or with garden pesticides and fungicides.  Pharmacists may also have it.

Mercury Spill Cleanup Instructions

  • Put on gloves.
  • If there are any broken pieces of glass or sharp objects, pick them up with care. Place all broken objects on a paper towel. Fold the paper towel and place in a zip locking bag. Secure the bag and label it as directed by your local health or fire department.
  • Locate visible mercury beads. Use a squeegee or cardboard to gather mercury beads into small mercury balls. Use slow sweeping motions to keep mercury from becoming uncontrollable. Take a flashlight, hold it at a low angle close to the floor in a darkened room and look for additional glistening beads of mercury that may be sticking to the surface or in small cracked areas of the surface. Note: Mercury can move surprising distances on hard-flat surfaces, so be sure to inspect the entire room, including any cracks in the floor, when searching.
  • Use the eyedropper to collect or draw up the mercury beads. Slowly and carefully squeeze mercury onto a damp paper towel. Alternatively, use two pieces of cardboard paper to roll the mercury beads onto the paper towel or into the bag. Place the paper towel in a zip locking bag and secure. Make sure to label the bag as directed by your local health or fire department.
  • After you remove larger beads, put shaving cream on top of small paint brush and gently "dot" the affected area to pick up smaller hard-to-see beads. Alternatively, use sticky tape, such as duct tape, to pick up any remaining small glass fragments. (Peel the tape very slowly from the floor to keep the mercury beads stuck to the tape.) Place the paint brush or duct tape in a zip locking bag and secure. Make sure to label the bag as directed by your local health or fire department.
  • OPTIONAL STEP: It is OPTIONAL to use commercially available powdered sulfur to absorb the beads that are too small to see. The sulfur does two things:
    • it makes the mercury easier to see since there may be a color change from yellow to brown, and
    • it binds the mercury so that it can be easily removed and suppresses the vapor of any missing mercury.
Where to get powdered sulfur? It is sometimes found in the gardening departments at hardware stores, near the fertilizer, or with garden pesticides and fungicides.  Pharmacists may also have it.​
Note: Powdered sulfur may stain fabrics a dark color. When using powdered sulfur, do not breathe in the powder as it can be moderately toxic. Additionally, users should read and understand product information before use.
  • Place all materials used with the cleanup, including gloves, in a trash bag. Place all mercury beads and objects into the trash bag. Place the trash bag outside in a secured area and label it as directed by your local health or fire department.
  • Contact your local health department, municipal waste authority or your local fire department to find out how to conduct proper disposal in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
  • After cleanup:
    • Remember to keep the area well ventilated to the outside (i.e., windows open and fans in exterior windows running) for at least 24 hours after your successful cleanup.  You may want to request the services of a contractor who has monitoring equipment to screen for mercury vapors. Consult your local environmental or health agency to inquire about contractors in your area.
    • Continue to keep pets and children out of cleanup area.
    • If sickness occurs, seek medical attention immediately. View information on health effects related to exposures to vapors from metallic mercury. For additional information on health effects, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) provides a Public Health Statement on Mercury that also presents information on health effects related to exposures to vapors from metallic mercury.

Back to the article in the news I read that brought up this whole post....

So the hazmat team was called.
Students were SENT TO THE HOSPITAL as a precaution.
And all students were checked for signs of illness or harm before being dismissed for the day.

From one little broken thermometer.

I recall a couple broken thermometers from my childhood.
The first, I was only about 6 years old.  I tried to shake it down like I saw my parents do but I was too close to the sink and it hit the edge, and broke the end off.  I'm not completely sure where the mercury end ended up, I don't remember that part but I do recall being afraid I'd get in trouble for breaking the thermometer so I stuck it in between two clean towels, folded and stored in the linen closet. Pretty sure my Mom probably found it that night, as a busy family of five goes through a lot of bath towels!

The next broken thermometer I recall was a few years later.  Different house.  Not sure how old I was, but maybe 10 or 11.  Whether one of my brothers or I broke it, I'm not sure but it was accident that resulted in us seeing the awesome, cool way the liquid beaded up and rolled.  Broke apart, it easily came back together to form a large sphere, and you could blow on it or use your finger to mash it apart into tiny beads again before running them all together with your fingers to form a larger bead again.

We would each take a little bead and put it on the edge of the table and then blow on the beads to have races, to see whose would 'win'.

I recall playing with it for quite a long time.  Rolling it in my hands, over the backs, into my palms.  Blowing on it to disperse it, and then brushing it together with my fingers to make it whole again.  I thought it was so fun I went to get a little plastic baggy to keep it in so I could play with it later.  And I did.

In the end the pieces probably fell away or got lost as the amount in my baggy was so small I finally just threw it away I suppose.  But for a couple days anyway, it was great fun to play with.

And that... is my memory of broken thermometer and playing with liquid mercury as a child in the 70's and early 80's.


Pondering over Coffee: The abortion debate - and the difference between the UDDA on when a human is declared 'dead' verses when a baby is declared 'alive'

When New York passed the law making it OK to kill a baby right up until it would naturally be born - and even letting it die if it happened to survive the abortion, it bothered me and I found myself pondering a lot of different things over my morning coffee.  When more states started to argue the same 'law', I watched, read, and pondered over morning coffee.  Then a couple states declared a heartbeat law - if the baby has a heartbeat, it's alive and you cannot kill it by abortion.  The fight over 'when' a child is able to legally be killed while still protected in its mother's womb goes on....

And it was during the morning I was reading a couple of those news articles that I clicked on another story that dealt with doctor's declaring someone 'dead' or 'alive' and when they make the call to do everything in their power  to keep them alive, based on a few of the medical 'tests' they do.

This could be a really, really long post.  SO much to this topic!  But, this is supposed to be a quick, 'rambling over coffee' entry.  Not a dissertation or a novel. 

So I looked at the uniform declaration of death.  There is actually an act drafted in 1981 by a Presidential commission so everyone could get on board with the same 'rules' as to what constitutes a person being legally declared dead.  It's a model states could use and emulate.

UDDA Overview

The Uniform Declaration of Death Act was drafted in 1981 by a President's Commission study on brain death. It was approved by both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Bar Association (ABA) shortly after its publication. Health care is primarily handled on a state-by-state basis, so the intent of the Act was to provide a model for states to emulate.
 The UDDA offers two definitions for when an individual may legally be declared dead:
  1. Irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions; or
  2. Irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem.
The most common type of death is the first one, in which the heart has stopped beating and/or the patient is no longer breathing (usually followed by brain death). But sometimes (as in the second definition), an individual may be kept "alive" through the use of ventilators and feeding tubes even though there is zero brain activity. Most states consider brain dead individuals legally dead and remove them from life support, although the body's other life functions may be maintained until organs are harvested for donation.

Well... that got me thinking about those two definitions.

Because babies have working circulatory and respiratory functions in utero.
And babies have working functions of the brain, including the brain stem.

So... doesn't that mean that unborn babies should by law be declared 'alive'?


Then I did a quick search of baby development stages.

Week 21: Baby can suck his or her thumb
Week 25: Baby responds to your voice
Week 26: Baby's lungs develop
Week 26: Baby's lungs develop

Twenty-six weeks into your pregnancy, or 24 weeks after conception, your baby's lungs are beginning to produce surfactant, the substance that allows the air sacs in the lungs to inflate — and keeps them from collapsing and sticking together when they deflate.
This week marks the end of the second trimester. At 27 weeks, or 25 weeks after conception, your baby's nervous system is continuing to mature.

Week 28: Baby's eyes partially open

Twenty-eight weeks into your pregnancy, or 26 weeks after conception, your baby's eyelids can partially open and eyelashes have formed. The central nervous system can direct rhythmic breathing movements and control body temperature.

Week 32: Baby practices breathing

Week 33: Baby detects light

Fetal development 31 weeks after conception

Thirty-three weeks into your pregnancy, or 31 weeks after conception, your baby's pupils can change size in response to a stimulus caused by light.


Seems to me it's pretty black and white.
The same rules that legally declare someone alive and it's murder to let them die or not offer medical care, certainly aren't applying to the smaller sized human who has those same functions but is allowed to be killed with a scissor snip to the back of their neck, with saline injected into their body and to have their little arms, legs and head ripped violently from their body in an abortion.

Can you just picture someone on a hospital bed on a ventilator; being examined by doctors; they shine a light in their eyes to see if the pupils react (they do) and the patients heart is beating.  But the doctors declare them ok to kill anyway?  So they get a large pair of sharp scissors and snip the back of the patients neck to severe their spinal cord or inject the patient with a saline solution to kill them.  And because they can, just grab a saw and saw through the body's arms and legs and rip them off - tossing them aside into a body bag laying there on the floor.

All done.  Nurse, clean up this mess. I'm going home to have a beer.

It's just the coffee talking..............



Unique Present for Photographers (who love coffee!) - Nikon 24-70mm Inspired Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This unique and modern mug is a must-have for camera lovers. It’s the only novelty camera lens mug in the market that opens at the push of a button (other mugs require you to unscrew the cap). This feature lets you use the mug one-handed, making it the perfect travel companion for photography enthusiasts.

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  • Food-grade plastic and stainless metal. Includes travel bag. A great gift for photography lovers.

You might also be interested in similar products available through Amazon;

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug Gift With Lid


A woman is making news headlines for faking cancer to save her marriage; but I know of someone who did the same thing (it didn't make the news)

When I read the news story about a North Carolina woman faking cancer to save her marriage, I completely understood, as I know someone (not personally, but I'll get to that in a moment) who did the same thing.  It makes me wonder how many times this ploy is used across the world that never makes the news.

Here is a little blurb from the original story:

A woman has admitted to having profited from a lie that she had cancer, in a scheme to save her troubled marriage.

Amy Ellissa Hammer of Seagrove, North Carolina, was arrested Thursday when a police investigation found that she had pretended to suffer from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, cancer that grows from the bone marrow.

Hammer, 30, established a Facebook page called Amy’s Promise to accept donations for alleged healthcare costs. She also sold T-shirts. After Hammer’s arrest, a Mar. 23rd fundraiser at the Trinity Wesleyan Church of Seagrove was canceled.

“I do not have cancer,” Hammer told Fox 8, explaining that she lied to keep her marriage intact. “When he said he was going to leave me, it was an impulsive thing. We’ve been together so long, I was scared, terrified. That’s my three kids, my husband that I’ve known for so long. So it was an impulsive thing and it snowballed.”

“I have to deal with what I’ve done and that I hate myself,” Hammer said. “But I am sorry, I have to live with this. What I have done has hurt a lot of people, a lot.”

Coffee Talk:   A few years ago I worked in the same building as a young woman I became 'work friendly' with enough to chat with if we both happened to be in the same part of the building at the same time, although we weren't really friends.  She was a young mother of one child, divorced, and single.  She started to have an affair with a married man who also worked in the same building.  He was not only married but had a couple small children at the time, including a little newborn.

As time went on and more people in the work place knew about their relationship, they got sloppier at hiding it.  She also was free with details in talking to many co-workers so word spread quickly.  After a few months of being together, she got pregnant with his child.

As he was straddling the fence so to speak, he was still with his wife, but still seeing this other woman, his mistress got pregnant; his wife found out about the affair and was devastated.  The mistress wanted him to leave his wife and marry her, and worked very, very hard to convince him how happy he would be if he did.  She then started to push for them to live together.  He and she went ahead and bought a house together in her second trimester, although he was still spending time at his 'house' as well so to not disrupt his children's lives too much.

In the meantime his wife was obviously hurting.  She was sick with stress and started to get headaches.  They got bad enough that she went to the doctor to see about pain relief for them.  And that is when her plan was hatched.  When she went to the doctor, her husband wanted to know what the doctor said.  He showed an interest in her and was worried about her.

She started to tell him little lies about more doctor's appointments.  That led to her 'headaches' needing to be investigated further.  Tests and scans...  which he grew increasingly more concerned for her.  He spent a little more time at home instead of the girlfriends house, helped with the kids and showed compassion and attention to his wife.  As the girlfriends due date got closer, her headaches turned into an announcement of cancer.

The wife had fake doctor's appointments and scans and started to supposedly go through treatments... all faked because she was trying desperately to win her husband back.  Soon the girlfriends baby was born. 

Not long after the baby came, the wife had come to the point in her lies where she couldn't hide it any longer as it was a small community and as word got out about her having 'cancer' helpful people were coming out of the woodwork at her church, her neighborhood, her workplace... asking about fund raisers and helping with her children and of course, she would have to soon start faking chemo treatments...

The truth came out.

But... the wife that faked brain cancer to save her marriage?
It actually worked.  At least it did at the time - I live thousands of miles away from that area now so I don't know whatever came of that story.

It never made the local news... but yes, I knew of a woman who also faked cancer to save her marriage.

It's just the coffee talking again.........

News Source:  https://myfox8.com/2019/03/21/woman-accused-of-faking-cancer-to-get-money-through-fundraisers-in-randolph-county/


One Minute History: Aldi's Supermarket - founded in 1913

SOURCE: https://news.sky.com/story/how-beyond-the-grave-cash-row-could-seal-aldi-reunification-11683203


Tonight I was looking over random news stories and this one caught my eye, although not for the actual story itself.

It's about the supermarket giant Aldi's and Sky's Ian King explains how Aldi could solve several issues by reversing its 1960 split through a possible buyout.  But... I really don't have any interest in that.  What I DO have an interest in is history of almost any kind.  And although I know of Aldi's, I had no idea of it's history.  Now I do.

Aldi was founded in 1913 in Essen, in the industrial and mining heartlands of the Ruhr in northwestern Germany, by Anna Albrecht. In 1948 in the ruins of post-war Germany, her two sons Karl and Theo took over the running of the business.

The pair eventually fell out over whether Aldi - the name comes from an abbreviation of the words 'Albrecht Diskont (Discount)' - should sell cigarettes, with Karl arguing against on the grounds that it would attract shoplifters.

The upshot was that the business was split in half in 1960. Karl and his family took control of Aldi Sud, the arm of the business operating in southern Germany, the UK, Australia and Ireland and which trades under the Aldi name in the US.

Theo and his family took control of Aldi Nord, the part of the business that operates in northern Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain and which also runs the Trader Joe's chain in the US.


THAT was the "one minute history" of Aldi's I was interested in. 

I glanced through the rest, to see there was fighting over running the company and the extravagant lifestyle of some of the family members that own Aldi's and it's subsidiaries.  I wasn't paying too much attention until I ran into another little interesting tidbit half way down.  

Both Karl and Theo, who were brought up in poverty after their father - a miner - was forced to retire due to emphysema, were notoriously frugal.

That showed itself in the way both arms of Aldi operate to this day, with no flashy displays and customers picking products out of boxes, while the brothers themselves lived simple lives and eschewed the trappings of wealth.

Theo, in particular, preferred to live a secretive life after he was kidnapped at gunpoint in 1971. A devout Catholic who attended mass every Sunday, he avoided being photographed, while taking a different route to work each day in an armoured car.


As I said, the story wasn't about the history, it was actually about the fighting of the two families, and the extravagant lifestyle of "Babette" and the reading of a will recently and well... a whole lot more.

It gets into the dirty laundry of the family that I really had no personal interest in but IF my readers are interested, you can read the whole article at Sky.  Link at the top and the bottom of this post.

Babette, it has been reported, subsequently refused to disclose to them the location of the urn containing Berthold's remains. In response, neither Babette nor her children were allowed to attend Cilly's funeral last year.

Babette's public profile could not be more different from that of her late mother and father-in-law. She flaunts her wealth regularly at society events where her wealth is shown off ostentatiously, while she has also appeared on Let's Dance, the German equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.

She also fought a high-profile court case some years ago after a former friend, Dorothee Achenbach, wrote a novel called Now Everyone Knows My Laundry in which, Babette claimed, the main character - a greedy individual who indulged in an extra-marital affair - was based on her.

To read the article please visit: https://news.sky.com/story/how-beyond-the-grave-cash-row-could-seal-aldi-reunification-11683203


No, LDS Mormons are absolutely NOT Christians. It's a cult started in 1830 and follows 'prophets' better known as profits

The information is out there, and with the help of the plethora of books and internet available today you can study yourself out of the cult of Mormonism by learning the truth.

If these posts help someone, anyone, even one person out of the cult... then it's all worth it. 

"I believe in honesty. I believe in transparency. I believe that investigators and members deserve to have all of the information on the table to be able to make a fully informed decision as to what the information means to them and how they would like to proceed with it. Anything short of this is an obstruction to the free agency of the investigator and member."   

 -Jeremy Runnells

Mormons are the only 'religion' (cough cough) to absolutely BAN their members from learning their own true history. They use a brain washing tactic of repeating from the beginning that if you read or hear anything that scares you into thinking it MIGHT say anything bad about Mormonism or the LDS, then you have hurry and close the internet browser, toss the book, shut down the person talking and walk away! It's called "anti" and they are scared to death of their members learning the truth.

Every other honest religion will tell you study. Take your time and study, learn, research... and NOT only church-approved sources. That's ridiculous! But it's what Mormons are taught. If it's not LDS sanctioned, they aren't to look at it, read it, hear it, or listen.

Up until about 10 years ago LDS Mormons were NOT ALLOWED TO CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS. Young Mormons these days are told to call themselves Christians... trying to win over to new converts. But the belief system is absolutely different from even the BASIC belief system of Christianity. Sadly, most Mormons don't even know this... because they are not allowed to learn it.

SO many resources out there to gain knowledge. The CES letter is very well known. And for good reason.

CES Letter is one Latter-Day Saint's honest quest to get official answers from the LDS Church on its troubling origins, history, and practices. 

Jeremy Runnells was offered an opportunity to discuss his own doubts with a director of the Church Educational System (CES) and was assured that his doubts could be resolved. After reading Jeremy's letter, the director promised him a response.

No response ever came.


LINK: https://cesletter.org/
PDF Download to read: https://cesletter.org/CES-Letter.pdf

NO the author of the CES letter is not 'anti' Mormon.
Jeremy's own words: No. I reject this vague, loaded, and Orwellian term. It's used by the LDS Church and programmed into its members to turn off exposure to "the rest of the story" that the Church does not want its members to know. It's a "turn it off" switch that also kills off critical thinking in members relating to the LDS Church's truth crisis.

The reality is that I’m not “anti-Mormon.” I’m happily married to a Mormon, for Zeus' sake. I’m not anti-her or anti-anyone of my Mormon family and friends. I have no problem whatsoever with the Mormon people. These people are not LDS, Inc. and LDS, Inc. are not these people. If I’m “anti” anything, I’m anti-LDS-Inc.-hiding-and-obfuscating-its-truth-crisis-from-investigators-and-tithe-paying-members-who-deserve-to-know-all-of-the-disturbing-information. Whew…that was a mouthful. Also, I’m anti-Justin-Bieber.
Critic? Fine. Anti-Mormon? No.

The CES Letter has been debunked.
No, it hasn't.
Several apologists and organizations have attempted to debunk it and failed.

Jeremy is the leader of the "anti-Mormon religion".
No. I have a hard enough time being the leader of Jeremy Runnells and his life. I was accused by a General Authority of being the "leader of the anti-Mormon religion," which I find absolutely hysterical. The truth is that the movement - if you can call it that as it's not organized - has no leader. Nor should it have any leader.

As I tell folks who might see me as a leader: "Stop following others. Lead yourselves. Never give away your own power and authority."

Jeremy was excommunicated from the LDS Church.
No, I was not excommunicated. I resigned my membership.
Anyone who makes this claim is either misinformed or lying. I submitted my resignation during my Kangaroo Court in April 2016.

Jeremy's only goal is to get people to leave the Church.
No. My goal is not to get people to leave the Church. I have no idea what's best for people and their own lives. I don't presume to know what's best for people and their own lives.

Some people decide to leave the Church. Some people decide to stay in the Church. Both decisions can be just as valid.

My goal was to get official answers to the LDS Church's truth crisis back when I was trying to restore my testimony. I achieved my goal in a different way than I expected: the LDS Church has no answers to its truth crisis and will attempt to punish those who openly ask the questions it does not like being asked.

I believe in honesty. I believe in transparency. I believe that investigators and members deserve to have all of the information on the table to be able to make a fully informed decision as to what the information means to them and how they would like to proceed with it. Anything short of this is an obstruction to the free agency of the investigator and member.

PDF Source: https://cesletter.org/CES-Letter.pdf

Because it might help someone out there in the Mormon cult... if it only helps one, then it's worth it

SOURCE:  Why I left the Mormon Church to follow Jesus - https://www.premierchristianity.com/Past-Issues/2015/August-2015/The-Christian-Why-I-left-the-Mormon-Church-to-follow-Jesus
Keep your mind open. Don't shut it down. Search. Look for answers. Look for proof. If you truly believe in the prophet Joseph Smith, then what do you have to lose?  

The Christian: Why I left the Mormon Church to follow Jesus

Lynn K Wilder served in the Mormon Temple and as an LDS professor in Utah. She explains what convinced her to leave.

During my 30 years as a Mormon, I sincerely believed that mystical ‘spiritual experiences’ aligned me with my heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost (I believed in three separate gods, but no Trinity) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).

When a patriarch laid his hands on my head to give me a blessing, complete with Jewish lineage, I felt something like electricity course through my body. I was frequently overcome with emotion serving as an ordinance worker in the Chicago Temple or as a professor at the Church’s leading education institute, Brigham Young University. I bore testimony that Joseph Smith restored ‘the only true and living Church’.

Sincerely, I trusted feelings that flowed from these experiences, not aware that they might be counterfeit; rooted in what the Bible calls ‘another Jesus’ who teaches ‘another gospel’. Today, I neither trust feelings alone nor the sought-after visitations of spirits in the temple as fitting measures to test truth. One must also engage the brain and read the Bible.


While he was a Mormon missionary, our third son, Micah, read the Bible several times, eventually challenging his Mormon family to do the same. Like cold water in my face, I was stunned to find profound doctrinal conflicts between the Bible and the LDS scriptures.

As a Mormon, I believed the Bible was missing precious truths revealed in our own faith, but I wanted to look at it for myself to decide. As soon as I read it, I recognized obvious doctrinal conflicts, and I reasoned: ‘If they teach different terms of salvation, they can’t be the same Jesus.’

The Bible clearly teaches that salvation is a free gift. One crosses from death to life instantly upon believing in the one who paid for my sins on the cross. There was no waiting until the end of my life to see if I had done enough. No Mormon temple works – whose signs, tokens and handshakes are actually Masonic – are required for eternal life.


Jesus himself said: ‘One greater than the temple is here’ (Matthew 12:6, ASV). Which Jesus was I to believe?


The Mormon Jesus and the biblical Jesus teach a different nature of Christ and, at the very crux of Christianity, they teach different ways to salvation. Even LDS prophet Gordon B Hinckley said: ‘The traditional Christ of whom they speak is not the Christ of whom I speak.’

According to LDS teaching, the Mormon Jesus was born as the first spirit child of a probable heavenly mother and heavenly father. This Jesus is a created being. He was not a god initially but earned his way to deity over time. The second spirit child was Lucifer. Both brothers presented their plans to the Council of the Gods for the future salvation of those on earth. Jesus’ plan was accepted, while Lucifer took a third of the host of heaven and was cast down. Then came the rest of us. Men might one day earn godhood. Women bear spirit children throughout the eternities as queens and priestesses to their husbands.

None of this matches the biblical account, where Jesus is God and Lucifer is a fallen angel. Indeed, the greatest lie Satan fed us in the garden was that we could be ‘like God’, yet this is what Mormons believe.

There are other important ways in which Mormon teaching does not match biblical teaching on Christ’s atonement, but most significantly the Mormon Jesus teaches that membership in the LDS Church is required for eternal life. According to the Bible, his Church is a body of believers. No organization can save.


So, has the Mormon Church rescinded its most pernicious doctrines? Not really. According to LDS scripture, polygamy is an eternal principle and dark skin is a curse. Although many do not know or accept these teachings, they are still presented in their scriptures, in official Church manuals and in the sacred temple. The official Church website portrays these books of Mormon scripture as ‘pure truth’ and ‘utterly reliable’.
Although polygamy is no longer practiced physically in this life, if a first wife to whom a man is ‘sealed’ (in marriage for this life and the next in the temple) dies and he is sealed to a second, he expects to be married to both women in the hereafter.

In 1978, LDS prophet Spencer W Kimball reported a revelation from God. Blacks could hold the priesthood. All who were worthy could now enter the temple, be sealed as families in the next life and receive eternal life with the Father. The admission that all (males) are equal in God’s sight mirrors Bible teaching; however, the teaching that dark skin is a curse still exists in 26 Mormon scriptures. Was Joseph Smith incorrect when he wrote them down as revelations from the Mormon Jesus?

Many anticipate that the LDS Church is morphing toward biblical Christianity. Nevertheless, as long as Mormonism reveres Joseph Smith as a prophet, teaches that Christ failed to establish a Church that would last but Smith did, and supports his extra-biblical scriptures as truth, these teachings are far outside mainstream Christianity. Doctrines such as the nature of God, who Jesus is, the condition of humankind, the creation, salvation, atonement, marriage and eternal life are just a few of the divergent teachings.

Mormons often sound the same as Christians, but since barely one religious word actually means the same between the faiths, always ask a Mormon, ‘What do you mean by that?’

Mormons say they believe in Jesus. Some have even encountered him. Only Jesus can judge the heart, but given that LDS teachings contradict Bible teachings, one has to ask which Jesus?

Although it came at a cost, my whole family and I ended up leaving Mormonism in order to follow the real saviour.

Four facts about Mormonism

1. There are more than 15 million Mormons in the world today, including approximately 190,000 in the UK
2. The LDS Church is governed by a ‘prophet’, in a line going back to its founder, Joseph Smith
3. As well as the Bible, Mormons revere three books of teaching and scripture: The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrines and Covenants
4. Mormons believe that they can be baptized on behalf of dead relatives in order to bring them to salvation

Lynn K Wilder is author of Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church (Zondervan) and is co-founder of Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus; unveilingmormonism.com


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