When Vudu Puts "DATE NIGHT" reviews under the movie "MARY MAGDALENE" - talk about confusing!

Source:  Vudu - https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/Mary-Magdalene/1078437

Tonight I clicked over to Vudu, trying to decide if I wanted to watch a movie before bed or not.  I saw the movie "Mary Magdalene" listed and because I hadn't heard of it or knew it was being released, I decided to click on it to read the description (to know which way the director might choose to take this particular biblical story), who was playing in it and what the reviews said.

Boy was I confused!

The cast looked great, but I was confused about the story line of the movie when I started to read some of the reviews listed.

"A reasonably amusing way to pass Saturday night with a significant other"

Amusing?  A way to pass Saturday night with your significant other? Umm... that's weird.

"immensely funny and appealing stars outshine the pedestrian material..." 

Whaaaaat?  Funny? A story about Mary Magdalene?  And 'pedestrian material'?  I'm SO confused.  I'm pretty sure this is NOT a sitcomish movie.  It's a biblical story about a woman who decides to follow the Lord.  HOW is this immensely funny?

"In the hands of say, a Greg Kinnear and Sarah Jessica Parker, the thing could be a disaster.  It's not.  Not by a long shot."   

Well... yeah, I don't think Greg Kinnear and Sarah Jessica Parker would be good to play Jesus and Mary Magdalene either but, seriously?

Where are these reviews coming from?

You can click on the images to make them full size

I clicked to view "more" by scrolling and looky there!  I found a review that reads like it might actually be from the right movie!!!  "An act of faith told simply"

So... maybe these reviews ARE for Mary Magdalene after all.

"Mr. Carell and Ms. Fey might have been able to pull it off - if they had only been permitted to try." 

Oh hell no.  They can't possibly be in this movie.

So at that point, I did a search for the cast and crew of "Mary Magdalene" just to make SURE those two aforementioned were NOT in this movie.  (They aren't.)

If you look at the image above you'll see a review that says "In three or four scenes, they get a rhythm going, but the editing is smash and bash.  Shawn Levy is not a director who honors performers rhythms."

Well, I knew Shawn Levy did not produce this movie, so I ran a google search on that quote.

It's a direct quote... for the movie "DATE NIGHT".  


So... apparently there are a few legit reviews sprinkled between numerous misplaced "Date Night" reviews.  Because Date Night is certainly not "Mary Magdalene" even if some yahoo at VUDU decided to sprinkle the reviews together under the listing.  

I highly doubt Mary Magdalene is 'amusing' or funny as some of the reviews read; and although I've never seen 'Date Night' I venture to guess it might have a few amusing scenes.