Death in Grand Canyon started it all... so is three (3) 'death' books too much for a birthday gift?

My father-in-law was visiting last weekend and during some quiet 'down' time where he was enjoying quiet time on the back deck overlooking the woods, he picked up a book of mine and started to read through it.  It is "Death in Grand Canyon" and is a really interesting read!  I first saw it for sale in the Grand Canyon (which, when you think about it... is rather strange, right?  Like showing a movie of a plane crash on an airplane....) but it was $25 in the Grand Canyon book stores and I knew I could get it for a better price online so I did - I ordered it from Amazon when we got home.  And I love it.  The kind of book you can pick up and start to read at almost any point as it's not a 'read cover to cover' kind of book. 

But I'm getting off topic.  The topic is that my father-in-law really liked it and spent a couple hours reading it while he was here.  I offered to let him borrow it and send it home with him, but he was flying cross country with only a carry-on - which was packed to the seams and bursting already.  No room for a thick book. 

It just so happens his birthday is in just over a week so I thought I would order it for him from Amazon.

Now, I'm too cheap to pay for Amazon Prime, which would mean free shipping.  But I'm also too cheap to pay for shipping so I have to make sure my minimum purchase is at least $25 of Amazon items in order to get free shipping.  So in addition to Death in Grand Canyon, I spied a similar Death in Zion and decided I would get him both books.

Wouldn't you know, I was 45 cents ($.45) away from free shipping.  Drat!  Glancing down the page I saw a Death in Yosemite book offered and the way I see it, 3 books that I know he would enjoy is a good gift, right?  But then, I started to think about how that looks.  I'm sending this man three books about death in National Parks.  Death.  So when my sister-in-laws visit him and see these books laying there on the dining room table, they question "Hey Dad, why in the world do you have three books on DEATH?"  "Oh, daughter-in-law M gave those to me for my birthday!"


I could probably send the one book and it would be a good "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" gift as he specifically told me how much he loved it and wished he had time to read more of it while he was here.  Two books might still be 'ok' as they are so similar and a pair of books on the same subject is understandable.

But in order to get the free shipping, and adding that third book... well, I have a feeling that sending your father-in-law THREE books proclaiming "DEATH!!!!!" in the headlines might be a bit weird.

Three just seems too much.

So now I'm off to Amazon to find something small to add to the two books I'll get him, in order to reach my $25 minimum purchase to receive free shipping.

I need something that sells for $.45......


Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, Newly Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition



Death in Zion National Park: Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness in Utah's Grand Circle


Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite