Hanging out with this little guy after his dog neuter surgery....

I'm dog sitting this week and not only that, but doing after-surgery care. 

This little fella was neutered yesterday and because he is perhaps the most hyper-crazy-HDAD dog you'll ever meet, the vet's office offered to keep him overnight last night and sedated to make it a little easier.

It was funny because they called to say surgery was over and he did great.  I thanked for them for the call and got ready to hang up.  I expected to pick him around 4:00... but before I could hang up, suddenly they launched into an offer to keep him there overnight and board him... FOR FREE.  Whhhhaaaat?  Ha ha. 

They said they don't usually board neuters overnight - just spays - but that they would do this and keep him sedated and calm for the night before I had to bring him home.

I just laughed.  And thanked them.  Because yes... he's THAT antsy, hyper, active... use whatever words you wish.  I asked them, "So, you noticed he's a bit hyper, huh?"  They just laughed as well.  Yep.

But he's a SWEETHEART; and oh-so-sweet though!  The most loving, happy, TRUSTING and innocent dog ever.

So today I picked him up, and because he has anxiety when I leave the room, and because I want to keep him calm and resting, I've been basically 'stuck' in the office most of the day.  I've gotten out to do a few things - and put him on a leash and taken him out a couple times, but for the most part, trying to keep this little crazy pants 'quiet and resting' is a full time job.

But oh... what a sweet face.  And worth every second.

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