You just never know who you'll see shopping at Walmart

Yesterday I was on a mission to find a certain kids swimming pool.  I checked online and my 'good' Walmart had them in stock, which totally surprised because it's a million degrees out and it's a holiday weekend.  But cool!  I needed a few grocery items as well so bright and early, I drove the 10 miles to the 'good' Walmart near me (as compared to the 'bad' Walmart but I'll get to that in a moment).

As I parked and turned off the car, I heard a really, really loud, big truck approaching down the parking lot aisle.  This surprised me because it sounded like a semi truck and while semi's do park there, they don't drive down the tiny little parking lot aisles; they pull in and around to park at one end of the parking lot.  But I was busy so I didn't look up, just finished getting my cellphone put away into my backpack and getting my keys and grocery list.  The truck sounded as though it was right behind me and then, suddenly turned off.  They had parked.

I got out of my car and saw the 'semi' truck.  It was a very, very large truck but not a semi.  It was a huge 'regular' truck - which my brothers and my Dad would chide me for not knowing just what KIND of truck it was, but I don't care about trucks.  So it was just a 'really really' big, regular truck.  A diesel obviously, by the sound, and well... it was huge by regular standards.  And my brothers and Dad have owned really, really big trucks.

So I see this huge truck park in 1 1/2 stalls because it's so long... and yes, you can think about the male 'need' for a huge truck here...  because I then hear the truck's drivers door slam shut and see some brown hiking boots attached to legs, from under the really huge (and tall) truck, coming around the front of it to my side.

Now, you all know I love to camp and hike, so the legs attached to hiking boots caught my attention, as they had legit hiking socks attached to them as well.  And because I was putting my backpack on, and starting to walk towards the store, and it was early morning so there weren't many customers in the parking lot at that time, I was just glancing at the hiking boots while I was walking through the parking lot.

Now, you have to understand that this little Walmart is out in the country.  Redneck, farming country.  And although all types of people live, work and shop in this area, you don't see legit hikers often and this guy had some legit boots on.  With hiking socks... not crew socks.  Which I think, is what really caught my attention.  His socks.  Because hiking boots with no socks or short crew socked with a pair of cargo shorts would be more the norm.

So, the legs, with the legit hiking socks and boots that I could only see from the calves down, as he hadn't came around the front of his truck yet, walked towards me and....

Hmmm.  Well THAT was a surprise.

This huge, huge, loud, huge, massive truck expelled a little, skinny guy sporting really long, gray/white hair.  Down to the middle of his back and pulled back in a ponytail.  Probably about 5'6" tall and wore a size small shirt.  That was my first surprise.  As he would have had quite a jump down from the driver's seat to the ground below.  But what threw me was that looking at him, I would have guessed him in a Jeep Wrangler or maybe a sporty SUV... never a truck and never a HUGE, massive truck like the one he jumped down out of.

I didn't judge him for it... I was just surprised by it.  Kind of happily surprised.  I like people who break the norms or expectations of society.  But then I was even happier... because my spry little parking lot companion was also sporting a kilt.  Not a plaid, Scottish kilt but an awesome khaki, cargo kilt.  His wife-beater tank top, his khaki cargo kilt, his hiking boots and his ponytail... this guy was awesomeness at Walmart and certainly not the norm for shoppers in this area.

Now, all of this took about 10 minutes to type out but in reality it was a 4 second encounter in the Walmart parking lot.  I took it all in, in the mere seconds I passed by him on my way to the store's front doors... and was thinking "I wonder where this guy is from, because he doesn't look like he's from around here..."  but sure enough, a glance at his license plate told me he was driving a massive truck that was indeed, licensed in our state.

I'm not from this area either, and having lived in Los Angeles and a few other large cities, I'm always quietly thrilled to see people letting their personalities show and not just dressing or acting like society says you should.  And believe me when I say the redneck guys in this area would not take kindly to men in 'skirts' so kudo's to this man for his cargo kilt and the fact that I could tell his truck had never been 'mudding' a day in his life.  So sparkly and shiny.

Damn Near Kilt 'Em Men's Highlander Utility Kilt Small Khaki

So my 4 second glance at this guy ended and I walked into the store, only to see my second customer of the morning... and I smiled at the comparison.  This was the more typical male shopper I see at this country Walmart.  An older fellow, also had long, gray hair.  But this guys was not slicked back in a ponytail. No, this was the legit farmer type.  Long hair because it would be a hassle to go into town to get it cut.  Not really washed in a few days at least.  Quite large in stature, (another typical for this area) with his farmer's cap on, as well as his dirty old farm boots.

And I smiled because I love all these people.  These are my people, this is my Walmart.  And the discrepancy between the first two customers of the morning was fun to see.  Both gray haired men were similar in ages... but as different as night and day.

I just smiled and went on my way...  trying to find the kids pool I came for.  (Which they did NOT in fact have in stock even though their Walmart App said they did.)

Liberty Men's Stonewashed Denim Bib Overall

*As a side note.  Because I really wanted this kids pool, I checked my Walmart app and saw it was apparently in stock in the 'bad' Walmart which was actually closer to my house but I don't shop there because it's not only near a high-crime area but the parking lot is insane with people trying to hit your car with theirs, your vehicle is likely to be broke into, and the layout of this store is absolutely stupid and makes no sense so shopping there just makes me angry because it's not user friendly.  And the employees?  They all hate their jobs and refuse to acknowledge you... which the 3 young women ignoring my requests for help with a dismissive look and continuing to discuss their lunch orders in detail while one of them input it on her phone to place an order for their lunch (at 10:00 am?) were doing quite well.  (The ignoring part.)

But because this store said they had the pool in stock, I passed the exit to my home and continued to the 'bad' Walmart to get the pool they had in stock.

And as I walked into THIS Walmart, I again smiled because this time I wasn't next to a guy in a kilt, nor a farmer in his dirty, unwashed overalls.  This time I was directly behind a guy sashaying into the store in his tennis shoes, cute little turned down socks, tight t-shirt and very, very tight and tiny little shorty shorts.

I tried to find them online, but the closest I could find were these little shorts with bananas on them.  His, however, had tiny little sailboats all over them. 

Oh... I never did get the little pool.  Although their app said they had them in stock at this store as well... they lied.

.... don't mind my rambling, it's just the coffee talking again.