Favorite Smells.... Scents ok at first and those I hate.............

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I saw a little 'meme' type thing on... the internet? Instagram? Somewhere. Anyway, it was just a glance and had something to do with "what's your favorite scent?". I glanced quickly and clicked away but I was surprised to see that even though there were only about 8 or 10 items listed, 'chlorine' was one that caught my eye. And I thought, "Wow! Other people must love the scent of chlorine as much as I do if it was included in such a short list!"

And then I promptly forgot about it until tonight.

Without thinking too hard, or too long, here is a quick brainstorm list of smells or scents I love:

  • Fresh brewed coffee
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fresh cut grass
  • Fresh flowers
  • Chlorine
  • Gasoline
  • Christmas tree
  • Fresh baked bread
  • Murphry's Oil Soap or Pine Sol cleaned floors
  • Fresh cut wood (like the lumber department of Lowe's, etc.)
  • New Car
  • Newly fallen snow on a frigid cold, crisp night
  • Sharpie markers
  • Extinguished matches
  • Men's cologne

And a quick (10 whole seconds of thought invested in this one) list of things I love until I don't. Meaning - if I'm hungry and a roast or bacon is cooking, it smells heavenly! But as soon as I've eaten the aforementioned items, (and add popcorn in there) the smell of them turn my stomach. I have to open windows and spray air freshener to get the smell of a roast OUT OF THE HOUSE because it nauseates me. And campfires? Love the smell while I'm building the fire and while I'm sitting there. But suddenly a switch turns on and I've had enough. I can't get to a bathroom fast enough so I can strip off those campfire clothes and jump into a shower. And washing and conditioning hair is a MUST to get that campfire smell out. I've tried to go to bed without showering or after a shower in which I've tried to cheat and not wash my hair, in order to get to bed sooner but alas; no sleep for me until I get up out of bed and shower that smell away.

  • Campfires
  • A roast baking
  • Popcorn
  • Bacon
  • Lavender

Then (again without much time spent on this) some items I know most people love the scent of and I just don't. And one of these is the reason I was thinking about the subject of 'smells' tonight... can you guess which one is the culprit that caused this late night blog post?

  • Fruity scented candles
  • Vanilla or baked good scented candles
  • Chocolate
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Cinnamon
  • Paperwhite Flowers
  • Coconut
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • New babies
  • Cilantro

Answer:  mozzarella cheese.  Earlier tonight I wanted a snack so I grabbed the container of feta cheese and two sticks of mozzarella cheese.  I munched on them while I was reading.  They were good, but a few minutes later, with my hand up by my face, I could smell cheese.  Fresh mozzarella cheese and ugh... hurl-worthy.  I could not get to the sink fast enough to wash my hands - being sure to get sudsy soap under my nails and getting the scent of (delicious) mozzarella and feta cheese off my hands.  Love the food... hate the scent.


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